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Saturday, June 15, 2013

You Again?....

Not a very nice greeting from Tessie when Zar appeared this morning.

In case you hadn't noticed, he has been missing for about a week....He told Tessie that he was "visiting relatives".

No wonder she doesn't believe anything he says.  Both she and I saw him up in the potion room of the townhouse....He was madly running the potion machine.

Neither of us know what he was cooking up, but neither of us will accept food or drink from him for a while...Just in case he has something up his sleeve.
 After Tessie's unwelcoming greeting, he promptly came in the workroom and told her that he would finish the floor for the Mystery Box.

The way he put it was, "OK.  It's my turn.  I am going to do the floor for this.  By the way, what is it?"

He didn't like the terracotta and immediately changed course to slate tile.  Nothing could sway him.

So far, he only has the first coat of paint on it. 

I made the pad from foam core and covered it with egg carton tiles.

I decided that it didn't need to be fastened to the rest of the box.  This way, it can fit in the lid when the box is closed.

No sooner did he get the first coat of paint on it and Tessie zapped in with an easy chair and foot stool, saying  "This is going to be mine, you know.".

News to me.  She doesn't even know what it is, but she's claiming it anyway.  Spike is not a happy camper.

In other news, the Startled Savage is coming right along.  More feathers on his head dress.

I have decided that it would be smarter to have that end finished and closed off before I start trying to do the final part of his chin.  I have to make a buttonhole opening on the back on that end, so that the apple can slip in and out for battery changes.

Now you are up to date....

Excuse me whilst I go and break up a yelling and barking match.  It is now a three way argument as to whom is the owner of this box....I think that the only way to settle it is to give it to someone else.

See you tomorrow.


12Create said...

I hope you have managed to get peace restored. I can't wait to see what this box is. I'm loving it so far.

2minimom said...

Beautiful floor....I love slate!

Lucille said...

I am also very curious to know what the box will be. I did notice that Zar was missing and I missed him. He's so cute! Oh, well, at least my darling Spike has been around!

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
You must be exhausted keeping an eye ont hose 2. They are worse then children! The roombox is looking lovely.
Big hug,