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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Where's the Bottom?

"There's a piece missing!"

That was Tessie.  As usual, she is a step ahead.  I worked on the legs and skirt for the top of the table this morning.

She showed up, all alone... No Lettice to be seen anywhere. 

When I asked where she was, Tessie just shrugged her shoulders and tried to look innocent....And quickly changed the subject. 

That was when she dragged out the big notebook with the original notes for the smaller table.

I hate it when she is right, and has the nerve to point it out....Especially if I am the one at fault.

I managed to ignore the fact that the stretcher for the bottom of the legs was needed to make the table complete.

I asked again, "Where's Lettice?"

No answer.  Deep in thought.  Studying plans...

That went on for a few minutes and then she glanced sideways at me and mumbled, "She had to go somewhere."

I asked where.  Another shoulder shrug.

That's when I began to worry....Tessie tends to do that when she has no answer to your question....Or just wants to dodge answering...

To change the subject, she led me over to the dressing room...

"I found this candle stand.  With a bit of work, it will look great in this corner..."

"Tessie, what did you do with Lettice?"

"Nothing.  She just wandered off when I wasn't even looking.... Honest."

I have a feeling that I had better start looking for her as soon as I finish here....I don't like the tone of Tessie's voice.

I am not working on the box that she wants, so....

I looked around and found a few more things that might fit in the dressing room. Some may be used, some not.

Back to the suggestion box.  Does anybody know what they stored the white lead makeup in at that time.  I am assuming that it was powder.  All I really know is...A lot of people died from using it, not knowing that it was poisonous.

I am going to have to research that. But first, I must go see what happened to Lettice.  I have a feeling that Tessie's jealousy has gotten the better of her, once again... She seems to be in a very good mood....On with the search.

See you tomorrow.


Danielle said...

I don't know where they stored, but I do know that the upper class used a combination of lead and vinegar called ceruse to make themselves look paler. I imagine that this was more paste/liquidy so perhaps a jar. Mineral pigments were also available, but were more in the realm of the upper class. Also, burnt wood or cork was used to create black liner makeups.

Caseymini said...

Thanks Danielle, I do know that the actors also used the makeup. So...Lots of dead actors and rich people...

2minimom said...

There is a wonderful article on Apollo Magazine's website, titled "Vanity Fare" from April 2 this year that gives some great background on makeup containers. Good luck!!

Caseymini said...

Thanks, minimom! I will go look.