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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Witches Are Coming!

 I am sure that the centerpiece will have their approval. 

See?  The cacti are flourishing in the dish garden.  I don't think that the guy leaning against the cactus is doing to well though.

Notice, I put it on a turntable....Witches all want the front view.  This way there will not be a lot of fighting over whom has the best view...
I won't be getting much mini-ing done today.  When I was out this morning, I found a couple of things at Walmart.

Have I mentioned that one of my weaknesses is new notebooks/paper? 

For some reason a lot of companies are coming out with five squares to the inch graph paper.  I decided to see how it would work for drawing plans for minis.  The Graph Composition book was only 1.17.  It might be interesting to see if it is usable.  Just a different way of dividing the inch.

The little composition books came three in a package.  They are college ruled(1/4") lines.

They will be handy to carry in my bag for when I want to design something on the go.  They were 1.27 for all three.  Your choice of cover style.

 I had a bit of difficulty photographing this, but here's the tip of the day...

If you have 1/4" lined paper, you can make your own graph paper in a pinch.

Simply take one of the pages out and lay it sideways under the sheet that you want to draw on...

There you have it.  Do it yourself graph paper!

It shows up a lot better in real life than it does on here.  If you have difficulty seeing it, you can always darken the lines on the bottom paper with a black fine line pen.

Anyway, I will be back to the Mystery Box and friends tomorrow.

See you then.


Steinworks said...

thanks for the tip :)

Katie said...

I always use notebook paper under my polymer clay and now my paper clay to get straight lines.. With the paper clay, I just lay a pieces of waxed paper over it to make it easier to get off, and I use another piece with the lines drawn in with a pen underneath to get perfect squares:) what is it with paper that u can never have enough? Lol