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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Silly Sunday....

We have a new breed or two of humming birds...  These two are babies.  I watched their dad teaching them about the sugar water, as soon as they could fly.

I caught them chugging sugar water about seven this morning.  There was also a baby woodpecker hanging almost horizontal  to fit his beak into the holes... He's at least twice as long as these two.  I just missed that...I am going to leave the camera by the window.  I have to have proof that my woodpeckers like sugar water as much as the next guy.

I ordered a couple of beading books from Amazon yesterday...That always leads to getting sidetracked into beading mode.

I got out a tray of half finished cabochons.  That was as far as it got.

I then sidetracked from that into repairing making a new cover for the Apple box controller.  The old one was falling apart at the seams....

I should never be left alone too long.  When left to my own devices(pardon the pun) I get carried away. 

You have seen some of the needlepoint cases that I do for remotes....This time I wanted something different.  Since the Apple device is usually lost somewhere, I usually make some kind of bright colored cover for it... 

This time, I grabbed some thread and a crochet hook, thinking that it would be much faster than needlepoint...It was.  But Tessie is back with me now and she is not very polite. 

I was working on it from the top down bottom up and when I got to the top, I decided it needed something more, since it wasn't colorful...Curls...Yup. That should do it...

Tessie came in, took one look at it and started rolling on the floor, laughing out loud.  Until tears were running down her cheeks.

She kept trying to get the words out and finally, she shrieked, "Turn it upside down!!!"  And then, "That thing looks like a Martian octopus having a panic attack!"  Then she started rolling and laughing again.

So much for the crocheted cover...

Since I was in the mood for beading anyway, I gave Widget the octopus to play with and got out the Delicas.  This could take a while, but at least Tessie approves.  It's shiny.  What's not to like?

I think that, knowing how I like tools that are beaded, I will stick with this one.

I was looking at old entries the other day and I beaded my pliers back in 2009 and they are still going strong.  I use them almost every day.  So theoretically, this cover should last 4 years or longer.

We shall see.  I have to finish it first.

See you tomorrow.


Neen said...

I like the remote cover! (Especially for 1950 SciFi movies, and Doctor Who marathons.)

Cheers, Neen

Lucille said...

That remote cover is so funny! Widget must have had fun with it. I love your jewelry that you make. Those pendants are gorgeous! There are such beautiful beads and crystals in the art stores now that it's difficult not to go overboard when selecting some. Yesterday, I had put to many in my basket and I decided to put some back before getting to the check out. Hard to do though.

Caseymini said...

Neen, maybe it should have been a Daliak octopus! LOL

Lucille, those pendants were very cheap. I made them from magazine photos, metal make up containers and resin. There are directions for how to do it somewhere on the blog. Very easy. Look in the jewelry or beadwork sections. I will try to find it for you tomorrow if you can't find it.

Jenna said...

Wish I knew where my pic was, but I have one of a Downy Woodpecker, hanging on for dear life to my hummingbird feeder, and drinking like you wouldn't believe. It was hilarious.

I also love your crochet cover....I laughed at the martian comment.