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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Only 90...and Only 10:30

I did go running around this morning.  That was before eight.

I did my duty and fed the squirrels.

Now I am going to stay inside as much as possible...I don't mind the heat if I have to do something outside, but I much prefer staying inside and doing something under the air conditioner.

I started making draperies this morning.  Tessie is still staying with me for fear that Lettice might get her.  She is even being rather helpful...Two fisted pin handler is her title for the day.

First I did a center swag.  I start by cutting the piece the shape that you see in front of Tessie.  It has to be at least twice as long as the swag I need to make.  I can't give you measurements for this one. I cut it by eye. 
I start at the top with two pins at the outer corners and two in the center.  One at the top and one the depth that I want the first fold in the swag to be.

Then 1/2" at a time, I bring up the center loosely and the corners tightly.

Here you see it in place and already sprayed with unscented, extra hold Suave pump hair spray.

I did the same with the two side swags.  That is, I started with twice as much fabric as needed.  I started at the top with loosely pinned pleats.  I generally pull 1/2" of fabric into a 1/4" pleat.

Then I pinned the front curve in place and followed that with the other pleats.

I sprayed these too and now I have to sit and wait.  And wait....Because I spray them twice.
Changing the subject.  The remote is coming along nicely.

I won't show you the front, because it looks pretty much the same.  I am going back and forth across the back and leaving the mouth uncovered.

Now comes the fun part.  I have to make it curve back in around the bottom of the mouth  and come out with the right number of beads again.

Walter just finished playing golf in the heat....He is not as sane as I am....I have to go fix lunch.  At least the cooking will take place inside...AC can be fun.

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

The remote looks great! Walter is a tough cookie to be playing golf outside when it's hot like that. He must really, really love golf!

Steinworks said...

I dont know how I would survive without AC it's so humid here.

mcddiss said...

me gustan mucho los colores que has escogido para las cortinas , creo que quedaran estupendas ,yo no tiengo nada de paciencia para los tiempos de secado ,
ese mando a distancia no volvera a perderse nunca mas



Susi said...

I wanted to check one thing,
the only time I've used that technique, pierced with pins and spray with hair spray, I liked it, but the problem is that all the fabric I was full of small holes made ​​by the pins.
I do something wrong???
Is that how it is???

Caseymini said...

Susi, there is a simple fix for that. Take on of your pins and scrape across the hole. It will disappear like magic.

Susi said...

Thank you ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

Susi :-)