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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I'll Trade you....

It's not going to work, Tessie.  After all, what will Spike do with a sewing machine?

She tried to persuade him to switch boxes this morning.  You know how that goes.  New box.  New "I want."

I added more to the Mystery Box this morning.  Not finished by a long shot.
Tessie immediately started bargaining with Spike....

I cut out the pieces for the sewing cabinet.

She tried trading all of the raw lumber, thinking that it would make good throwing sticks and chew sticks.

He wasn't having any of it.  I think that he knows what the mystery box is going to be.
I got more of the remote cover done last night.  The first photo is the back.

I am going to have to drag out the magnifying lamp to work on it.  It is hard to see the holes in flat black beads at night.

Tessie tried to throw in the remote control to make the trade....Didn't work.

Spike has no interest in jumping up and down to change the channels.
Tessie changed the name to Startled Savage after I got down to where I was starting the part around the directional dial.

For some reason, she thought that I was going to cover that part.  Sometimes she has no faith in the tricks that you can do with leaving out beads and then reattaching them later. 

I have to admit that I had to go back and do the bottom of the eye holes the second time....I miscounted beads when I went to add them back in to complete the holes. 

It should go faster once I get to the part where I just go round and round.

Working on four things at once seems to keep me from boredom.  I need to get back to one of the four.

See you tomorrow.


Mary said...

I'm enjoying watching the progress on the boxes, always exciting to see what will happen next.
The remote does look a bit like a totem to me.
I think you should add some glow in the dark beads so you can find it by turning out the lights.

Cara said...

Oh I think I see what the mystery box is going to be!! What a great idea! And I love the Startled Savage look to the Apple remote lol.

Lucille said...

I also like to work on more than one thing. Even when I do cleaning in my apartment. I like to go from one room to the other. Don't worry about finding the tutorial, Casey. When I'm ready, I'll look for it. I have looked at it a few times already.

Wendy Riggins said...

I'm curiously awaiting to see the finished boxes... and as always I enjoy Tessie's mischievous nature.