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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Icky First Coat....

Day Two.  This could mostly be done in one day.  I used to teach this class in three or four hours and a lot of people went home with it mostly finished.

OK...Here we go.  I used the infamous Walmart sand, from the floral department.  With the Craft Cottage and this, I haven't even used a half a sack. 

I first sat the box and lid where they would be on the board and traced around them.  That was to determine where the sand would be. 

Then I took the box and lid off and did what you see in the first photo.  I used plain old tacky glue, straight from the bottle.  Then spread it around with my fingers.  Then sprinkled the sand on and patted it down so that more of it would stay.

 If you are new at this, I would suggest that you do about a quarter of it at a time....

But first, I spread the glue around where I wanted it on the edges.  I had to go back and do the left back edge that isn't covered in the first photo...Yup.  I forgot it.

The only part I didn't do is where the tile is going to be.  That's the curve in the foreground of the second photo.

This is kind of messy, so work on news paper or paper plates.  That way you can dump the excess back in the sack.

If you are using good (like Elmer's) foam core, and a good thick glue, you shouldn't have any problem with warping...Sometimes it is essential to spend more than a dollar for foam core.  I do use that too, but not on something like this.

Next, you glue the bottom of the box in place and follow that with the lid, trim pieces and the outer wall.

I use an exacto clamp to keep the lid and box in line.  That assures a square corner also.

When I got the clamp on, Tessie showed up with a pile of tile paper....I vetoed all but a couple. 

She seems to think that she is going to get her pick of the decor in this one.  I like both of these.  If I use the bottom one, I will cut off the boarder and use it along the edge of the floor curve.

The blue and white one will have to be faked as tile.  It is really 20 year old wrapping paper...Yes...I save everything.  I have used this for floors and walls several times.
I kicked Tessie and the tile to the curb and did the first coat of gesso.

Tessie's only comment was, "Icky first coat."

Hey!  The first coat just had to cover everything inside and out.  The pretty part comes later.

I have to stop now.  The Wednesday Witches are meeting today.  Not here, thank goodness.

I have a kitchen table full of books and other stuff from the big bookcase.  One of the shelves broke the other day and I am in the middle of patching it.

It happened once before and I fixed that one with silicone sealant...It has held up pretty well.

I should know by know that you can't load glass shelves with books...and more books, without them breaking.  Actually, it wasn't that.  The back panel came loose and dropped the light bar down so that it wasn't supporting the shelf like it is supposed to.  Oh well.  It will take a day or two to set it right.

I need to go get ready for the witchy meeting.

See you tomorrow.


Steinworks said...

have fun with the witches!

12Create said...

I'm enjoying watching your progress with this Casey. It seems a relatively easy project that has a lot of scope.

claude said...

it's a good idea

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
Your sand technique is great and I look forward to seeing more of the project. I hope nothing was damaged when the shelf broke.
Big hug,

Chris said...

This is looking great!