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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Gesso Again, Then Tile...

You will be able to see the second coat of gesso on all of the photos today.  I didn't want to bore you with plain white photos of blank walls.

I left the jar ajar last night so that it would thicken a bit.  This morning I applied it with a stiff brush and used a cheap foam rubber stencil pouncer to see how it would work....It did.  In fact, I think I like it better than the regular bristle stencil brush that I usually use.

On to the floor.  I decided to use the gold paper with trim on the edge.

I laid the paper in the corner and held it there while creasing the outer edge.  Then I cut it about a quarter inch outside of that and cut Vs In the bent part about every half inch.  This eliminates a lot of excess overlaps.

I wanted the interior of the porch to be higher than the sand, so I simply cut another layer of the foam core to fit the space.

That brought it up another quarter inch.  You can also double up on the walls if you want them thicker.  I do sometimes.  I didn't this time, because I wanted to make it as simple as possible.
I used the border to trim out the step in the arch and more to run along the edge of the curve.  I don't like edges just painted or not covered.  It looks so much better if you take that extra step.

As usual, Tessie helped....She stood on the door way tile until it dried nice and flat.  Oh.  I used Yes glue to do the main part and plain white glue for the boarders.  The white glue holds quicker and is stronger.

I found out why Tessie is being so helpful... She announced that, "I want my old hair back.  These silly ribbons are getting in the way and my bangs are all messy again.  Reverse it please."  This must be serious.  She never says please...But I did have to promise not to take any bald photos when I do it...No fun at all.
I am now trying to decide if I want the adobe white or if I want it more of a natural tan adobe color...Opinions?

I am now looking at my cigar box collection and trying to decide if I want to do more.  I think that I have a bad case of box pox...Stop groaning...

For Giac.  Here's the book case....All fixed...No minis were harmed in the fall.

I repaired the glass with caulking compound and the shelf is back in place....The only way that you can tell that it was broken is, There is a pile of books exactly the right height under the middle now.  That will keep it from happening again.  It is by no means perfect, but it works.

The one at the top left broke a long time ago because of the same situation...the glass shelves are supposed to slide into a slot where the light sources are...Sometimes they don't stay put and then they drop in the center...

I don't want to get rid of the unit.  The shelves are way deeper than normal book cases and perfect for mini rooms and houses on top.  They don't see a need for making these anymore....The center unit, where the southwestern room box is, used to be for a big old TV.  Stupid flat screens made this obsolete.  Don't get me wrong.  I love the flat screen TV.  I just miss the depth that used to force manufacturers to build deep units like this one.

Anyway, the one that broke this time was the bottom one on the right.  I put in a lot of books that I don't read anymore, then put an antique photo in front of them.  Thank goodness I didn't carry out my plan to take those books to the used book store!

Back to work.

See you tomorrow.


Mary said...

I think that natural tan colored adobe would look better with flooring.

Elizabeth S said...

Wow Casey! Your bookcase is jammed packed inside and out! What a near miss that breaking shelf was and I am happy, on your behalf that nothing was destroyed.By the sounds of it, the weight of the books were both its problem and salvation as far as protecting the miniatures!? Grouting your tiles makes such a difference to the look of them once it is done. Leaving the container opened to let the grout set up and thicken a bit is a Very Good Idea, for future use. Thanks Casey!


Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. I suggest a tan color for the adobe walls to coordinate with the flooring you installed.

I am in the planning stages with my
indoor/outdoor box. So far I have
printed off the paper for the walls and floors and I am going with a Victorian Cottage theme. I am considering using something novel for the structure.

I have a smaller old bookcase too. The shelf depth is 16 inches. The space where the old TV had gone would be a good place for a finished dollhouse.I have two that may or may not get finished in my lifetime! If they do get finished, it will be by using your instructions.

12Create said...

Hi Casey. I think the colour of your adobe might depend on the other colors you will use in your project. I know what you mean by shelves not being deep enough for mini projects. I've been keeping a look out for a unit for my craft room. No luck so far.

Minteriors said...

My vote is for the "tan" adobe, just as Mary suggested. : ) I so enjoy your many solutions! Thanks, Casey.

2minimom said...

I agree with everyone else. Tan adobe!!

chapchap73 said...

Hi Casey, I'll be a dissenting vote and go with white adobe with some dust/dirt/age accents. The tile looks gorgeous! I agree about bookcases today, just not deep enough. I had my dad build me mine, lucky for me he is more than willing. I must ask you what is the house on the top left of the bookcase? The white one with the tower on the side and the dragon in the yard. I'd love to look it up in your blog. It's given me a SF idea:) Hugs, Sarah

Katie said...

Casey.. You making miss having my finger nails painted... I was gonna say Love the yellow, but then I noticed they were all different:)

Caseymini said...

Sarah, sorry...Too late. They talked me into Trail Tan...Once again. My favorite brown shade. The one up in the corner is the fairytale castle. Go to: or just do it from the labels list on the side bar. You will have to go down one entry to get started with the description.