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Monday, May 6, 2013

Yard Work....

Last night, I started a sock....Couldn't wait to see what this piece would turn into.

I got all the way down to where I will start turning the heel.

These pieces are so interesting.  You never know what they are going to look like until you get there.

This is a me/April sized sock.  I am not much of a pastel wearer.  She may get this pair...We shall see.

Now about the yard work.  I cut out the new base for the cottage this morning.

I just laid the piece of ceiling tile on the table and, with a pencil, free handed the shape that I thought would look good.

I got out good old Mr. Dremel.  He is over thirty years old, but is still tried and true for heavy duty jigsawing.

I put a piece of the ceiling tile I used in front so that you would have some idea of what to look for, if you want to try this method.

It usually comes in two by four feet.  It's the same tile that I use for a pin board for making curtains and the same tile that I use as a base for beds, chairs and other furniture.  It is 1/2" thick and can be used for all sorts of things. 

It cuts like butter with a jigsaw and if all else fails, use an Exacto knife. 

Here's the front view.  I definitely like this shape better than the square one.

I probably won't get to the desert part until tomorrow. 

We are going to see the new Ironman movie this morning.  Walter's retirement is great for seeing new movies.  Monday at 10:40 in the morning shouldn't be too crowded. 

I have to go get ready to go now.

See you tomorrow, with cacti in hand.


12Create said...

That sock stuff is amazing, better than having a ball of wall running away from you as you knit. It is knitting up really nicely. Can't wait for the landscaping with cacti.

mcddiss said...

esos calcetines quedaran muy alegres con ese colorido , veo que sigues trabajando en la casita , es bueno aprovechar cuando se tiene tiempo,disfrutalo



Giac said...

Hello Casey,
I love the base. It looks great and works even better with the table and the house. Good work. Love the sock!
Big hug,