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Thursday, May 16, 2013

"We Have to Warn Them!!!"

This morning, April, Amare and I went running around.  We hit a thrift shop.  That's where I found this beautiful free form bowl for $3.00.

When I got home, Tessie was waiting, hands on hips, wanting to know where I had been for all of three hours.

Her nose was out of joint, because she didn't get to go.

I appeased her somewhat with the bowl. 
I told her she could help with the decorating of a cactus garden.

First we picked out all of the frosted pebbles that matched the bowl...They won't really be seen, but it kept her busy for a while.

Then I added some activated charcoal that I got in the tropical fish department at Walmart.  There is no need for a hole in the bottom of the dish if you do this.  It is to help with aeration and to keep it smelling good if we do get too much water in it...

Tessie doesn't get to water it.  She drowns plants regularly.

After I went around and wiped off all of the tiny black footprints from the table, I went to work with the planting.
I had the larger euphorbia in the center in a small pot.  I am sure that it is much happier with a bigger place to spread it's roots.

The tiny ones to the left are side shoots from another type of euphorbia.  I really like these plants.  They send of smaller plants from their roots.  

The other advantage is this type of euphorbia has no thorns.  They look like cacti, but no ouchies!

All I have to do is dig them out and plant them in another pot.  Instant newbies.

The two on the other side are the only new ones in the dish.  They were from Lowe's.

I planted them all in cactus potting soil.  Then over that, I used the same sand that I used on the cottage landscaping and added a few rocks from the back yard.

Tessie insisted upon inviting a friend.  She wanted to let everyone know what happens if you stay out in the heat too long.  It is finally warming up.  Ninety five degrees right now.  It's supposed to hit 100 soon.

When she isn't looking, I will remove her friend.  For now, let this be a warning!

I am off to wipe up more footprints.  

These dish gardens and terrariums are too much fun....Very quick minis. 

See you tomorrow....With real minis.


Lucille said...

It's a lovely little garden, Casey! Have you ever thought of doing a fairy garden? They're so popular. When I image them, it takes ages just to look through. You could make one for your yard.

12Create said...

Nice cacti garden Casey. I've been enjoying your recent posts on your plantings. Makes me want to find a fun container to do something in. I'll keep an eye out at the op shops.

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
they are just beautiful! What fun projects. I am glad Tessie was not cross with you after the shopping trip.
Big hug,

Eliana said...

My God! Tessie took too long to provide water for her guest.

Fabiola said...

This little garden is amazing.
Bye, Faby