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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The First One Found a Home...

The large terrarium is now at home by the kitchen sink.  It was the only area that I could think of where it would get enough light.

Even there, I had to put it on a cake stand to get it high enough.  I am pretty sure that it will be happy there.

Terrariums need about 6 hours of indirect sunlight, each day, to grow. 

Tessie found out what I was doing and is not at all happy.  She keeps banging on the glass, trying to get inside.  No..I am not going to open it. Let her pound her little fists. If  I let her in, I may be tempted to keep her there...
These are like another "betcha can't do just one" kind of project.  I still have plants left over....I have to do something with them, don't I?

Yesterday afternoon, I found this empty apothecary jar in the closet....I can't stand an empty anything...It has to be filled.

And besides.  The baby giraffe needed a place to be.

Not bad for a Walmart cheapo piece of glass.

Today is the Wednesday Witches' meeting.  So instead of working, I will be playing...But....I did go in the workroom and find a couple of other candidates for gardens...

The wire one is a terrarium that I found at Walmart years ago...It goes in and out of the closet when need be.

The white one is one that the people in the Tucson Miniature Society bought at least 20 years ago....It has been sitting on the plant shelf, in the workroom, as long as we have lived here...

I don't think that I am ever going to use it for a mini room box, but it will sure make a nice terrarium.

The way I see it, I am cleaning the workroom still more.  These are four less containers that will be stored there.

I am going to have to figure out something for the bottom of the wire one.  I think that it had a terrarium type bottom....Not too smart...I discarded it shortly after I bought it.  I didn't think that it would ever be used.  Darn!  Sometimes I should stick to that rule about never throwing anything away...Oh well.  I will think of something.

See you tomorrow.


Giac said...

Hello casey,
It looks terrific. What a fun project. Keep an eye on Tessie...she scares me when she is unhappy...
Big hugs,

Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. I think the white one would look pretty filled with mini wicker furniture and plants.

Caseymini said...

Phyllisa, I already have several greenhouses filled with mini furniture and plants. This one is just to thick and clunky for 1" scale or I am too picky.LOL It is definitely going to be a terrarium, but no wicker. Mini wicker wouldn't stand up to the moist climate of a terrarium.

Lucille said...

I don't have enough light in my apartment for plants. I face north. Once in a while,I buy flowers and put them on my dining room table because it's in front of a window. I do wish I could keep plants.

Phyllisa said...

Hi again Casey. I guess I said your white thingie would look great filled with mini white wicker and mini plants because that is what I have longed for in a long time. I shall go back and look at the ones you have already done to see if they inspire me to do one. I believe they are called "conservatories".

Kristen/Kris/Penny Doll said...

I love the wire one still, but that white ones Gorgeous! I can't wait to see how they turn out! I need to go look at walmart n garden centers again.. I feel a Lil like Tessie pounding my fists saying "I want i want!" Now if only i could zap things to fruition like her life would be just grand! Lol

Steinworks said...

I think Phyllisa is right it would look good as a conservatory with wicker furniture and jungle plants
(the white one)

Marisa :)