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Friday, May 3, 2013

This Is It!!!

OK.  With the exception of this rug, the base of the cottage and a few miscellaneous items, the Craft cottage is done.

I put Tessie to work on the rug this morning, while I went bravely into the workroom.

I gave Zar some chair rail molding that I found that was stained the right color and he managed to install the glass in the door....One setback.  I put away the lead for the windows and now I can't find it.

He can't put the hinges on the door until I do the leading.

I contributed the tiny table, next to the daybed.

It is a chess castle, with a watch skeleton glued on top.  It took all of two minutes to find the part and put them together.  Now Zar will have a place to put his drink and birdwatching binoculars when he is lounging there... Mostly he reads the Racing Form.  Birdwatching is just an excuse to gaze out the window.
Now....The other reason for the title.  While they were working in the cottage, I was working in the "atelier"....I get to call it that when it is clean....The rest of the time it is just a workroom. It's funny how it sounds classier when translated to French.

Pretend that you just walked in from the right hand side of the photo and you will get the grand tour.

The shelves, as you come in, contain all of the little stuff like ribbon, bunka, small accessories.  Those are sorted by room.  

The chest of drawers and shelves are....Top half beads and jewelry making material and tools.

The bottom half is for wood, house parts and needle work fabric.

Then there is the worktable from the bedroom and more hanks of beads hanging above it....Someone stop me the next time I start to say something about acquiring more beads!

In the corner is lots of threads for crochet and knitting.

Behind the chair in the next photo is my Micro Mark saw.  Sorry it's hidden.

The nine containers on the desk are full of pens, pencils and other small tools that I use a lot.  They are sorted by category.

The waste basket usually sits under the desk by my feet. I will go put it away as soon as I am finished here.  Promise.
The all important TV is at the end of the desk.  The next corner shelving unit is taken up mainly by boxes and baskets.

OK.  Turning the corner, the tall stack of plastic drawers are filled with different papers, wire, finished rugs, cans of stain, and small boxes, among other things.

The nest two are mainly books, notebooks of graph paper, filed cutouts from magazines and a few small room boxes.

Yes...Those are the ubiquitous, inevitable leftovers in baskets.  I promise to start putting that little mess away as soon as possible....You should have seen the room when I stated this morning!  The whole center of the room was a big pile of all sorts of things.

I actually got to vacuum in here this morning....It has been a while.  There was a carpet under that pile!

Now for the final wall....The closet.  Taking the doors off of the closet made for more neatness all by itself.  There is now room to open all of the drawers and to put all of the unruly flat things in the corners.

As you leave the room, you will see that I even utilized the six inches of space by where the closet door used to be.  I put a CD tower atop a small plant stand.  It holds some of my fat quarters of fabric.  The bottom of the plant stand was perfect for holding more plastic boxes full of all kinds of supplies.

I am not going to list want is in every drawer and box in the closet, that would take up another hour of writing. 

I want to get back and start putting away the last of the basket stuff.  I have places to go and things to do. 

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Hi Casey! The atelier is looking great! You should not be running out of supplies any time soon!

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
What busy people! Zar got a lot of work done! The cottage is looking beautiful and your workroom is a dream.
Big hug,

Phyllisa said...

Yes Casey, you definitely win the
contest for the one with the most
craft supplies! And I thought I
had a lot. I get some ideas for
storage from you, so thanks for
putting that on your blog.

12Create said...

Wonderful Atelier - a great space. I think many of us would love to potter around there and see all your goodies, especially the bookshelf.

Caseymini said...

Sharee! Books are my main weekness. You should see the rest of the house!LOL

Cara said...

The atelier is looking fabulous! Almost makes me want to go organize mine. Almost. ;)