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Saturday, May 25, 2013

One Step Beyond....

I realized something this morning....See that silly green, greenhouse?  It has nowhere to live.  I am going to have to step back and think about it for a while.  No use working on it if I just have to shove it back in the depths of the closet...
When I looked at my brushes, I decided that the time would be better spent cleaning and conditioning those.

If you have been around for a while, you know that I have a bad habit of leaving brushes to their own devices as far as getting clean...Then I find them still dirty a few weeks later.  Like the two that are standing on their bristles  by the water cup....

I have often given the hint of soaking your bad brushes in alcohol for about 20 minutes and then rinsing them.  It does work...
I was wandering around in Craftgawker the other day and found a tip on cleaning and conditioning makeup brushes. 

If it conditions make up brushes, why not paintbrushes?

This is the "One step beyond".  The brushes on the left of the photo were simply rinsed in alcohol.

The ones in the right foreground were taken a step further.  I don't know if you can see it in the photo, but they are decidedly softer and shinier than the ones on the left.

The secret formula was....wait for it.....simply equal parts of dish washing liquid(Joy) and olive oil!  Then rinse in hot water. Weird huh?

Look what it did to my #18/0 liner brush!  It is completely clean and not a hair out of place!

It's another case of "betcha can't clean just one".  Somebody stop me!!! I cleaned them all...I even conditioned the ones that had not yet been used.  OK... I went overboard. 
I am slowly coming to my senses. And besides, I ran out of brushes. 

Tessie is guarding the 18/0 with her life.  If I clean that one anymore, it will be down to three hairs.  And it was one of the ones that didn't need cleaning. 

OK.  On to something else now....Sorry to bore you with brush cleaning....Everything's right in my world.  My brushes are clean....I am off to paint something now. If you have time, do stop by Craftgawker(some of the ideas change into minis easily) and wander around.  There is also a Dwellinggawker(lots of ideas for rooms and houses) , Stylegawker(clothes and jewelry) and Foodgawlker(great recipes) that you can get to from the top or bottom of that page.  I will warn you.  They are addictive.  They change daily.  Except on weekends sometimes. Have Fun!!!

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Thanks for the recipe, Casey. I don't suppose it matters if we use another kind of dishwashing soap because I can't get Joy around here. I was looking for it today at the supermarket and could not find it. Another good site for recipes is The Frugal Chef. She also demonstrates her recipes on you tube. I really like her. You should go and see when you have a minute.

Tabitha Corsica said...

I also soak badly neglected brushes in alcohol with good result but I've also used white vinegar and that works too. I've read that Murphy's oil soap is a good brush cleaner/conditioner... I have never used it myself.

Caseymini said...

Susan, I don't recommend vinegar because of its caustic nature. It can dissolve glue, causing the hair to fall out of the brushes. Having never used Murphy's oil soap, I can't recommend a product that I haven't tested myself. Besides, it is cheaper to use what is available. I always have liquid dish soap and olive oil on hand.