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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lazy Sunday....

Actually, it wasn't all that lazy.  I spent a couple of hours doing yard work.

Then I came in and gave our bathroom a thorough cleaning....Can you tell that I am feeling better?

Those two tasks took a big chunk of the morning.

I then took a break to eat lunch and watch TV.  You don't hear any mention of minis, do you?

About one o'clock, I decided I had better do something, so I worked on the rug for the craft cottage. 

At least now I am not sneezing all over everything in sight.

I worked on both ends....I sure do hope that it meets right when I get to the middle....So far. So good....
You may ask why I brought up the subject of cleaning the bathroom...I know...Everybody has to do it.

We have a family joke in ours.  There is a large mirror over the double sinks.  It was a brand new house when we moved in...I took one look in our bathroom and was very unhappy.

The builders took it upon themselves to take the law literally....I know, from neighbors, that they didn't do it to every house, but in our case, they cut a hole in the bottom center of the mirror...and installed an outlet.  I have no idea what logic they were using. 

It seems to me that it would have been easier to install the mirror a bit higher and ;put the plug beneath.  Nope.  Even though there is a plug just to the left of the mirror, they insisted that, if you have a double sink, you MUST have a plug between the sinks!

Anyway, for the past 15 years, I have spent a lot of time thinking of ways to disguise it. Thus the jokes....What is mom going to cover the outlet with next?

There have been tall potted plants, tall candlesticks, tall jewelry boxes and tall jewelry trees...Do you see a keyword here?

I have always kept minis out of the bathrooms... Moisture is not that good for a lot of mini things..

This morning, while I was cleaning the bathtub and up to my elbows in  bubbles, Tessie solved my problem....I heard some rattling and rumbling.  When I turned around, there was Tessie, astride her favorite dragon....Log and all.

It was meant to be.  Now if I can talk her into leaving him parked there, the problem will be solved once and for all, or until I tire of using dragon's breath to dry my hair.  It makes me dizzy.  I simply stand still and he flies around my head(not to close). 

Tessie assures me that he is well trained and as long as I don't move there will be no singed earlobes or frizzy hair.

See you tomorrow, if the house is still standing and not a big pile of charcoal...


Elizabeth S said...

Hi Casey! I feel your pain when it comes to a local eye-sore! I have solved similar types of problems by cleverly disguising them and making them a feature instead of a failure! Personally I would welcome an additional outlet cut into my wall to wall bathroom mirror as it would save me having to run a cord along its length to the only socket in the room. Ah me, it always has to be SOMETHING doesn't it? Your tiny rug is coming along so well and the pattern is great! I am so glad that you are beginning to feel better. I wish you a speedy recovery!


Lucille said...

Your rug is coming along! It's looking very nice. Tessie seems to be enjoying her perch. What a strange thing that contractor did by putting a switch in that spot. I have never seen that done anywhere.

The grandmommy said...

Lovely rug! Uh, does the dog below know about the dragon?