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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Which Would You Rather Do?

A couple of the rock squirrels hit the back yard about the same time every morning.  They expect to have fresh water, unsalted peanuts in the shell, lettuce, apple and once in a while carrots or Chex cereal. There is a whole family, but these two are the early risers of the bunch.

No.  Not spoiled or anything.  I figure that we took their land when the developers built the houses, so they, in return, get fed and watered.

The question at the top is between watching the squirrels chase each other around the yard or doing more straightening and organizing... I did finish cleaning off the work area around the cottage yesterday...I didn't however, manage to hide the dragon statues quick enough.

Tessie announced that she was going to make me a sign that said "Dragon parking only.  All others will be toad..."

I think that she forgot that she sometimes leaves her broom wherever she happens to land...

Anyway, this is what the area looks like today.  Enjoy it while you can....Tomorrow it will be right back in mess mode.

I moved my Grandma Daisy's stool in to set on while I work.  Somehow it is just enough taller than a regular chair to make it more comfortable. 

She took up housekeeping on the farm in 1903, so I imagine it is from about that time.  One of my favorite things.

I made a copy of this in mini a long time ago.  It is in the country kitchen that I made for my dad.
I have been working on the rug just a little.  I tried to make a copy of the pattern from the old laptop...It cut off part of the bottom.

I guess that I am going to have to put the pattern on one of those little thingamagigs that gets it from one computer to another to get a true copy of it.

It is coming along nicely.  I think that I like the border a little wider.. Now...If it were only finished, I would be all set.  Oh well.  Back to work, or to the squirrels.  I will toss a coin to see which activity wins.

See you tomorrow.


Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. To answer your question...
I would rather feed the squirrels today.They reward us by their antics for feeding them and they don't stay around long.
I spent some fun afternoons in my former house feeding and watching the squirrels. We had tall trees and the squirrels would chase each other around the tree trunks in a spiral. And then they would compete with the Stellar Jays for peanuts.

Decluttering doesn't reward us and we have to do it again way too soon.And it's not fun. And anyway, you can work on the organizing and decluttering when it gets dark


Lucille said...

Hi Casie! That is a nice little stool you inherited from your grandmother. I love your rug and I find that the black and white checkerboard part of it is what makes it. To me, it's that wow factor. I have recently purchased a rug kit from Little Trimmings in the UK. It comes with bunka and I'm supposed to glue it on. Have you ever made one of those? I can't remember if you ever mentioned them on your blog. May I suggest that you take little breaks and enjoy your backyard and the squirrels if it's a nice day. You seem to have a nice little place back there.

Caseymini said...

Yes Lucille, there are several mentions of bunks rugs that I have done. There is a tutorial here. It is really a fun technique and a lot faster than needlepoint or cross stitch.

Lucille said...

Thanks, Casey! I found it and I have put it in my favourites. A person could do a lot of rugs using this method. I'm excited about this.

12Create said...

I would be very tempted to spend some time watching the squirrels, especially as we don't have them in New Zealand. As much as I love doing crafts, sometimes just watching nature is good for the soul.

mcddiss said...

asi que tienes inquilinos todos los dias , que bonito tiene que ser ver esas ardillas jugar en el patio, veo que Tessi sigue a la suya como siempre y que la alfombra va a buen ritmo