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Thursday, March 14, 2013

"Torn Between Two Worlds..."

That was Tessie, being her usual melodramatic self this morning.  Oh, woe is me!

The reason is, I was spending some of the time outside.  The weather is perfect right now.  72 degrees and clear skies. 

I found some plants for the back yard yesterday, so I have been alternating between the yard and the house.  It is hard to stay inside in weather like this.  In a few weeks it will be in the 90s.

Inside, I started collecting things to go in the cottage...

I had to stand in the bathtub to take this first photo.  This is a Mucha poster that I bought when I was in college...It has followed me from house to house for many years.  It needs re-framing again, but it is one of my favorites.
I decided to go searching on the net for it, so that I could have it in mini in the cottage.  I simply put Mucha in the MSN search box and hit images.

I found it and a couple of other posters that I used to have.  for some reason the other two are nowhere to be found.  I have only postcard sized copies of them .

Whilst searching for things to print, I found a couple of Erte fashion sketches, some newspapers. a Tudor house sketch,  /some labels and some thread holders. This will get me started.

I also went through the boxes, drawers, and bins and gathered a lot of odds and ends that I can use. 

I have been looking for those little glass bottles for a week....I knew that I moved them to a safe place...You know the rest.  They were in with the plastic window sheeting.  Well...That's kind of like glass...

As I unloaded the stuff in the bedroom, Tessie marched in, sat down and grabbed one of the pizzas.  She took a bite out of one side of it and announced, "I want to live here.  You have two kinds of pizza and they are still warm!"
I took the pizza away from her and she flounced off to try out the new desk...To quote her, "It still looks like a dressing table..."  Sour grapes much?

Oh well. Spike likes it.  It is yet another place that he can look out a window.

I did get more done, but I still have a long way to go on that one.  There will be another level at the bottom, where the mark is on the leg.

I am thinking shelf space  and a cutout to put my knees under the desk.  Yes.  I said desk!

I still have this iris and the sweet broom, behind it, to plant.  I had never seen yellow and white iris before...It definitely looks like summer.

I am thinking that this would be a great one to do in miniature.  I see a tutorial coming soon.

By the way, are you remembering to vote every day?  We were ahead for a couple of days, but this morning, I noticed that we were back to second place. Please don't forget to do it each day.  Thanks to all of you that have been supporting Tessie and me.

Here's the last plant I got yesterday.  I is a Madrid Lavender...Until I saw this, I thought that all lavender plants had lavender flowers...Wrong again.

Yes.  This one has tiny lavender flowers, but the main flower is white...I love lavender and so does Tessie.  She tromped into the center of the plant to have the photo shoot and I couldn't get her out.

I have to admit it really does smell good...However, I planted it about two feet from a chocolate mint plant.  It is hard to choose which one to smell first.  Just wait until she discovers that one.

Never mind.  I will let Tessie smell the lavender and mint....I just spotted a few stalks of asparagus coming up at the other end of the planting bed...Strangely, that never gets to the table.  Every morning I go out and snip it off  and eat the two or three stalks that come up this time of year.  After all, it's not enough for a whole serving and besides, I saw it first!  If I don't eat it now, the squirrels might acquire a taste for it...

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Wow! So it's 72 degrees! You are so lucky. I've had it with winter now. I just want the lovely month of June which happens to be my favourite month. To me, June is the most beautiful month. So many beautiful flowers are out and they're all fresh looking. Over here, it's cold and dirty with now and then the wind howling. Have you thought of putting your posters on the floor and photographing them and then resizing them?

Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. I envy your 72 degrees right now. Where I am in the Pacific NW it is 54, lots of rain with a sunny day or two in between.Typical spring! However, in a few weeks and into the summer we will have 72+ with only a week or so hot days over the summer.So we can be outside most of the time. It's not even worth buying an air conditioner!
I'm looking forward to seeing the tutorial on the flowers.

Caseymini said...

Lucille and Phyllisa, I spoke too soon. It is now 2:00pm and 91 degrees! I forgot the forecast. Uncommonly hot for this time of year.LOL

JJ said...

hi casey, i love yr posters, and the garden, and tessie in the garden and was wondering if youd like to hear about crazy nsw australia, as theres an awfull lot of weather comments going on here, anyway, here it is some where between summer and the start of autumn, wich basicaly means it never stops raining and all the daisies are dying from whet feet and its like, ummm between 24 and 19 degrees celcius (hot means muggy! and cold means wet!) and its changes like 10 times today. tooooooo much talk about weather, anyway i love yr blog and will probably vote and this isnt an evil comment tho it is an EXTREMLY rambling one so bye for now and ps where doo you live that the weather is like that, sorry for spamming, bye

mcddiss said...

ese escritorio esta quedando realmente bien ,seguro que en cuanto lo termines Tessi querra quedarselo ,las flores son preciosas y me parece genial que aproveches que hace buen tiempo para estar fuera y disfrutar de las plantas



Darah said...

Im back! Oh and snowed in... Horrible snow storm hit at. 7 last night and well North Dakota was hit pretty darn hard. Most schools are closed.:) not mine. Wonderful.