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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Bit of This and That...

I decided to change course yesterday afternoon.  I decided that I needed to do the spots between the corners of some of the stones, before I did the actual painting...It was slower to add the charcoal between the stones in the midst of painting them. 

So....The troops volunteered to have a go at it.  Zar loaded his Steampunk rifle with paintballs and Tessie grabbed a large brush.  They had it done, without too much bickering after an hour or so. 

Sometimes it's nice to have them around when they aren't at each other's throats.

I did some more on the rug and a bit more on the desk last night.

This morning, I woke up thinking about supplies that I needed for the cottage.  Poly clay popped into my head.  Making tiny squares of the real thing didn't appeal to me.  They would have to be about 3/16" square and about 3/32" thick.  Not really fun to make.

Sooooo...I stopped at the Dollar Tree on my way home and bought some bright colored erasers and, of all things, colored foam rubber tongue depressors in the craft department....I do believe that they would be difficult to use for depressing tongues.  There's got to be a joke in there somewhere....

Anyway, those quickly became mini squares of Fimo.  The tongue depressors were easy.  They were already the right thickness.  All I had to do was cut the tiny squares.

The erasers had to be sliced first, but it wasn't hard to do.  I can use what is left of both items.  The tongue depressors will become the insides of books and the erasers will be carved into stamps for printing.  No waste.

Remember the little beads that I bought there a week or two ago?  They are going to make excellent paint jars. 

I used the clear ones and painted them inside.  Not quite to the top.  Let them dry.  then stuck a bead that looked like a jar top in the top.

The ones on the far left are already dry.  The two on the right are still not dry in the glue department.  I just used Tacky, so it will be clear, like the other ones when it drys.

I plan to make a lot of different colors of the bottles.  As many as I have tops for...

In the poly clay photo, look closely.  There is a tiny figure in the tray with the Fimo squares.  Tessie spotted it right away.  She got excited and asked, "Is that a mini me?  It is isn't it?  At last a mini me that is to scale...".  I guess that I will be making a mini mini me.  It will have to be a tiny bit shorter to be to scale...Don't tell her that.  She will start taking measurements to make sure it's right.  That one is 1/2".  More Zar's size...  We won't mention that.  She would really be in a snit if she thought I was making a mini mini Zar. 

I have to go paint the insides of more beads now...If I am not insane already, I will be shortly... I have about 40 different colors of paint.  Here's hoping I run out of beads for caps fast!

See you tomorrow.


Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. You're just having WAY
too much fun! Keep it up! I'm
having fun reading about it.

Lucille said...

Looks like you had a very successful shopping trip. Your little jars are too precious! They look so real. I can't wait to see the mini Tessie!

Cara said...

Oh you are a clever one, you are Casey, my dear! Love those paint jars especially.

mcddiss said...

me gusta la idea que has tenido, con lo de poner las manchas antes que la pintura , asi quedara mas natural, y veo que esas compras son muy utiles, no te canses pintanto botes



Sab said...

You ae on the those jars!

I also love the chandelier you have made, I,m planning to make one for in the house...someday:0

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
Is a little insanity that big a price to pay when you have accomplished so much great work?
Keep up the wonderful work, and thank goodness for little helpers.
Big hug,