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Monday, March 11, 2013

Starting Over....

It's one of those days when I shouldn't be allowed near miniatures...

Yesterday, it was fine.  I finished scoring all of the lines between the stones with my stylus.

Last night, I started weaving the desk to go with the wing chair.

This is as far as I got.  Tessie walked in this morning and looked at it and said, "Nice dressing table."  And walked back out.

I do wish that she would let me finish before she makes comments.  There is a ways to go on this one.
Then, this morning, it happened.  I was not meant to accomplish anything mini today.

I decided that the cottage needed a chandelier.

First I couldn't fine two sizes of round findings with the same number of holes in the edge or that were both divisible by the same number.  You need that for the swags to work.

I finally found a big one with sixteen holes and a small one with eight.  Then I couldn't find eight of the same little cups to hold the candles...Two were slightly different.  I decided to go ahead and try anyway.  Big mistake.

I decided to use regular seed beads and #8 clear beads for the swags...Another big mistake.

I wanted to use them, in case someone wanted to try one.  I thought it would be easier if the beads were readily available...Walmart has them.  And besides, I couldn't find my crystals.

Bad choice.  These are dull and lifeless. I went ahead and did it anyway, hopeful that they would look better when it was done.

They didn't.  Still kind of gray.

The rest of it didn't look too bad, but I lost two of the cups for candle holders. The flew across the room and then ran away and hid from embarrassment.

By this time, I started to think that someone was trying to tell me something..."Don't even try!"

At this point, I had seven out of ten fingers glued together with jewelry glue...Not a pretty site and very uncomfortable besides.

Tessie zapped back to see how it was going...Took one look and started giggling. 

It really isn't very polite to giggle at something that took all morning to do.  So...Instead of giggling, she started laughing.  Still not polite.

She walked around to the back side of the chandelier that was sitting on my tray.  She poked it with her big toe a couple of times and then looked me straight in the eye and said, "That is a dismal failure if I ever saw one.  What is it supposed to be?"

I couldn't really get mad about it.  I was too busy trying to get my fingers unstuck... I have made a few chandeliers in my time, but this looked like something that came straight out of a dumpster...

I am now going to go find the real crystals.  Then I am either going to find the right findings or go get some that will work. 

Chalk this up to one of those Mondays when I should have just went about the business of house cleaning and laundry and forgot all about miniatures...  Sometimes it just happens that way.

See you tomorrow.


Virginia Isabel CoMa said...

La lampara esta muy bonita y el sillón va a quedar genial.

Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. The chandelier looks good to me. But then how many have I made
......none. I suggest you keep it anyway.

12Create said...

While you may think the chandelier is a disaster, the picture has clearly showed me how one could be made and makes me keen to have a go, so it is not a total disaster. Besides, we all have days like that where we spend hours working at miniatures and yet seem to produce nothing!

Cara said...

I admit I snorted with laughter over the post. The image of Tessie giggling got me going, too. However, that said, I kinda like the chandelier.

mcddiss said...

bueno, no siempre puede quedarnos todo como queriamos ,creo que haces bien en ir a por el material y volver a hacerlo, la mesita va a buen ritmo



Giac said...

Hello Casey,
That was just rude!! Tessie certainly enjoys puting down your projects, yet I seldom see her build anything. Don't you fret, tomorrow will be a better day...I for one am totally blaming the time change for any mistakes I make this week...that 1 hour less of sleep is to blame!
Big hug,

Eliana said...

Gorgeous chandelier!

Caseymini said...

Giac, I can't blame the time change. We don't change ours here in Arizona.LOL

Lynn said...

I'm sorry Casey, but I find your chandelier pretty damn clever! You've given me some ideas now. You are very creative!

Lynn said...

I'm sorry Casey, but I think your chandelier is pretty damn clever! You've given me some great ideas now. You are a very creative lady!

Fabiola said...

Your chandelier is gorgeous!
Bye Faby

Rosella said...

Il lampadario è fantastico!