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Friday, March 22, 2013

Get the Lead Out!

OK....I thought that I would try covering up the white printing on the windows that came with the Storybook kit...Not happening.

Their white lines were about double the thickness that they needed to be.  I did part of one window with the golfer's lead tape and it looked like iron bars. 

I went and got some plain acetate and replicated the first one, size wise. Then I drew a line with an Extra fine Sharpie pen, from corner to corner, diagonally.  After I established the angle, I did lines every half inch going in both directions. Thus the diamond pattern.  I Turned it over, so that I would be working on the non inked side.  It still smears after it drys and I didn't want ink all over the place.

I used the handy dandy lead tape that Walter got me at the golf store.  I simply cut narrow strips the length of the tape, about 1/16" wide, with scissors.  Following the lines is easy with the sticky tape.  I ran it across diagonally and snipped the ends when I got it pressed down.

I put the frame over it, so that you could see how much better this version looks than the white painted original. I plan to add a bit of trim here and there to the frames, so that they will not look like dye cut wood.

The pillows are not filled...I didn't try them out against the daybed before starting to cut and sew...Silly me.

They make the daybed look dirty.  I forgot that the white in that is really more beige.

Oh well.  I will just save them and use them for something else. 

The search continues.  Maybe I will just use the fabric that I am going to use for the wicker.

Another oops!  While working on the rug, I happened to look at the edges...I made the interior section one stitch too wide and long.  I am used to working on odd numbers with most of the rugs that I do...So...I added one stitch to each side when I was doing the boarder...Oops! 

I didn't want to tear out two rows on each side of the boarder to make it right.  Luckily, It was an easy fix.  All I have to do is add another row on the outside of two sides and another row to the inside of the boarder on the other two sides.  That makes the interior the right size. 

All it does is make the rug one stitch wider and longer and I don't have to do any tedious ripping out of stitches.  Right now, it looks a bit more faded than I wanted.  I think it will be ok when I get all of the other colors in it though.  I hope.

I am going now to take the pillow covers away from the Terrible Two and hide them.  They were looking forward to playing in the sand today.  They will just have to wait until I make different covers.

I'm off to do more leaded windows and to search for material, now.

See you tomorrow.


Cara said...

That reminds me. While I'm out getting the window beading you told us about I also need to stop at the golf shop for lead tape.

Lucille said...

I love your lead windows, Casey. They provide so much atmosphere! I'm looking forward to seeing what sort of fabric you will select for your daybed.

mcddiss said...

esas ventanas se ven geniales asi , es una pena que no puedas utilizar los cojines para el divan , pero serviran para otro proyecto