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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Who Knew???

Martha Stuart makes Army Green paint...I didn't.  I ran out of the other green I was using in the living room, so I decided to try this.  It has some fancy name...

As soon as Zar saw it, he turned to me and said, "Thanks!  Finally a manly color...Army Green."

So I guess we will be calling it Army Green and liking it.  He does.

I think that the patch turned out pretty good.  The paint is still wet in the photo, but I can't really see where I patched it.
As soon as the paint dried, I put the floor in for size and would you believe that I had to shave the edges?  Yup.  All those coats of paint and gesso did make a difference.  Besides, I had to cut notches where the new door frames stuck out.

After I finish here, I am going to go stick it down And add baseboards.  I will have to throw the Terrible Two out on their ears. 

Every time I turn my back, they move in.  Lock, stock and Barrel.

In case you are wondering what they are staring at, it's the blank wall above the fireplace.  They voted to put a big screen TV there.

I am voting against that.  No small TVs work in the houses anymore.  I have one, but the only service in Tucson is either satellite or cable...No antennas anymore.  They are in for a big disappointment!

Zar doesn't know it yet, but I am going to have to brighten up the room with some draperies on the front window.  It is very boring, with the exception of the Steampunk recliner and keyboard.

I keep looking at the built in bookcase.  It is bothering me.  Too close to the fireplace and it takes a lot of space that could be used for furniture...I wonder if it is worth having a hiding place behind it.  I am doubting that Zar will ever put anything in there.  He has a whole hidden room upstairs.  I am getting good at filling in holes...We shall see. 

Anyway, I never did get any clothes made yesterday and Zar is blushing every time he bends over to pick up a hammer.  I had best get back to work...

See you tomorrow.


Kristen/Kris/Penny Doll said...

The Clockwork cottage is looking amazing Casey! I like that color.I've never really used or looked at MS paints. I'm gonna have to look next time. Tell Zar to get a new flat screen 3-D tv... lol. That'll keep em both busy for a little bit possibly. Either way he must be thrilled that his house is almost there, and looks amazing. Just don't say it too loudly, Tessie will want a new house again to up things again. LOL
Can't wait to see it all once its all completed! Anyways, off to finish my dolls and work on some plates and platters while clay is out. Have a good one!

Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. I like the Army Green paint color. It does look manly.

Tina -Just a Small Thing said...

I cant see where you patched at all. looks great!

Sans! said...

Army green, my fav colour at the moment :).

Your steampunk furniture are great and it will be a pity not to have more of them just to save the nook. A steampunk bookshelf?

Why do they need tv when they have magic?

Caseymini said...

Sans, Tessie is a tv fanatic. She watches our flat screen all the time. Zar is just going along for the ride...

Lucille said...

Love that army green!