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Monday, February 25, 2013

Post #2 for Today...I am a Scanner!

I am not going to do this every day, but I had something important to show you all.  It will come after the progress report...If you haven't read this morning's post, it follows this one.

I dug up the bug juice that I made several months ago and stained the shingles that came with the house.

The ones in the back have been painted on both sides and I will want to let them get good an dry before I use them.  They will be flatter when they dry.The ones in front are about to get the second side coated.  You have to do both sides for them to flatten back out.  And no, the stain will not look blotchy where the stuff seeped through to the second side.  It will be all the same color once they dry.

All it took was a bottle of white vinegar and a clump of steel wool from a bag of 6 or 8 from the Dollar Tree.  If you don't already know, you put the steel wool in the bottle with the vinegar and let it set for a few days and you have almost free stain for wood.

I finished the weaving on the bottom section of the chair.  It still needs trim, but that will be put on after the top is done too.

Tessie volunteered to pose.  I think it was to try to make you believe that she did all of the work....Sure she did.
The only true blue friend that stuck by me all day was Spike.  For some reason he is fascinated with painting...

I decided on Light Ivory Ceramcoat for the interior.  It's one of my favorites.  Not white and still neutral enough to go with everything.

It still needs a second coat, but I am getting there...

Now for the part that I really wanted to tell you. 

My friend Jo, the basket maker/ miniaturist/crocheter, sent me this article.  I just found out that according to this, I am a Scanner.

No.  Not the computer kind.  The psychology kind.  After I read this, I said, this is me.  Thank goodness.  Now I have a description, other than "attention span of a six year old" for how I do things.

Please read this and let me know if you are a scanner too.  Thank goodness, I am not a Serial Scanner!  I'm the good kind.  Another amazing bit of knowledge that I probably would have never run across without a computer....


Have you ever been in a group that was talking about all the interests and ideas they all have.  Then how we move from one project to the next without finishing the first.  The word "scanner" was mentioned. Go here

This basically says that scanners are people who have so many interests they find it impossible to decide on just one and fear about making the wrong choice. Scanners like many different things, love learning and seldom finish things before interest is lost and move on to the next project. This website tells about some of the typical personality traits such as always having creative ideas and loving to study new things and get ideas before moving on to other things.

There are two scanner types - Cyclical and Serial.  It turns out there are two types: Cyclical Scanners and Serial Scanners. Go to Cyclical scanners "Cyclical Scanners have many but stable interests and passions (from 2 to 20+), and they oscillate periodically between all of those." Today I'm in a needlework mood but tomorrow I might feel like putting gesso on the new cottage. Tonight I  feel like weaving OR I might hear about some other new thing and try it before finishing or working on anything else.

Serial Scanners on the other hand don't go back to a project once they have moved on. They do everything once and never look back. Think of a miniaturist who starts working on a needlepoint rug for their dollhouse and doesn't work on anything else until it's done. They quit and never do another one. Then try something else.

There's a book out there called "Refuse to Choose” by Barbara Sher (

So, are YOU a scanner?
See you tomorrow.


Heidianna said...

Yeah, I totally am. Maybe that's why I dig all of the different things you get into! :) I first heard of it from Barbara Sher's book, too. Thanks for the links. They are interesting!

Lucille said...

Yes, I definitely am a scanner. I have difficulty sticking to something until it's done. I really have to discipline myself to finish anything. So, now that I know why, I won't feel so bad. I'll know what's going on.

Dale Fluty said...

Hi my name is Dale and I'm a Scanner.

I had never heard that term before. Now I have a label. :-)


Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. I remember reading years ago when I first got into miniatures that it is the perfect hobby for people with many interests and short attention spans. Fits me!

Caseymini said...

Maybe we should hold a meeting once a month. We could pool all of our new ideas and information! Scanner is definitely a better term than "the attention span of a six year old".LOL

Sans! said...

Making minis may be my longest lasting passion. Another 10 years and I think I maybe considered mono-scan-ous. .

Tina -Just a Small Thing said...

I didnt know there was a word for it I thought I just got bored with things for a little bit an took breaks before going back but the scanner thing fits

Kristen/Kris/Penny Doll said...

Funny, soons i read Dale's comment "I'm Dake and I'm a scanner" I thought the same thing, group meetings. lol.It def fits me. I always have tons of things I want to do, I'll get out clay, start, get bored, go to stitching, then to wood, etc. I must admit Case, I still like the "6 yr old attention span" I always got a chuckle, and know the feeling. But it fits. I'm def the cylindical(?) one? I know im not serial. haha
Then again lately, there seems to be an "Official" term for any and everything out there. XD
My Turn Now:
Hi, My Names Kris, and I'm a scanner also!!!
BTW Casey. your new place is lookin great and your def getting alot done! Can't wait to see the rest!!

mcddiss said...

veo que los muebles de mimbre van con buen ritmo, enseguida los tendas terminados , y a mi tambien me gusta mucho el color que has elegido , encuentro muy interesante lo de dices de los scaners , yo creo que soy como tu , hago un monton de cosas a la vez y siempre tengo cosas por terminar



Lucille said...

Casey, I had to come back and tell you that I am so discouraged. It didn't work out with my quilt yesterday. I just could not find a colour combination that worked for me. I could find nothing that had the wow factor I was looking for and I was certainly not going to go to the trouble of putting together a quilt I did not care for. So, the search goes on. I'll need to get more fabric.

I saw such a beautiful quilt on Artful Affirmations this morning. It blew me away. I could not get enough of it. I've never seen anything so beautiful, well, for me anyways. It's a piece of art as far as I'm concerned.

Caseymini said...

Lucille, there is always Scanner mode. LOL....Do something else until you find what you like for the quilt... said...

Scanner, definitely. It will be interesting telling people what it is.

SharonS said...

Oh my gosh - I'm a serial scanner. My motto seems to be "been there, done that". It was fun, but now I'm done. My current miniature project is a used and rare book shop. I'm collecting and making miniature books. But I know that when it is completed, I will be OVER making miniature books! Luckily, I'm only a scanner WITHIN the miniatures hobby...I never get tired of it, but I'm always looking for DIFFERENT things to make.

Grandma C said...

oh Yeah. I thought I had an attention disorder. Of course, being born with the Gemimi sign makes it a double zing.

Serial Scanner describes me. But oh the things I have made! But wait, now that I think about it. I don't keep most of it. I just like to make them! lol