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Friday, February 8, 2013

"No! No! No!"

"This will not do at all!!!".  That was Tessie wailing, when she got a look at what I did to the Warren Dick bed...

I tried it out and found that the mattress from my first bed was a perfect fit.  As was the over shot woven coverlet(in cross stitch).

I did a mixture of what was on that bed and what was on another mattress that I found in my stash...

The only problem was hers, not mine.  If you look closely at the sheet, you will see MY monogram on it in embroidery.  Evidently, Tessie has, once again claimed something of mine.
I am not necessarily going to use these sheets and coverlet.  I was just trying them on for size.

After this photo, Tessie did her usual bed test... AKA trampoline testing... There was no way that it was going to hold up to all that jumping...She fell through both the bed and the trundle underneath.

I didn't really mind.  I had plans to restring it anyway.  The original was done with plain, white, soft cotton kitchen twine.  It didn't look a whole lot like the hemp rope that they used to use for these beds.

Sooo. I cut it off and found some nice hemp rope.  It's jewelery twine that I use for micro macrame jewelry.

I measured and cut one long piece and tied a double knot in the rough end.

There is a smooth and a rough direction in this kind of thread.  You want the smooth end as the one that you will pull through all of the holes.  If you don't, it will fray. I tied a double twisted knot in the string and put that in one corner and then went back and forth through the holes crosswise.  Then continuing on around the corner of the leg, at the headboard corner, I went in the other direction, weaving as I went.

Holding the thread tight against the frame at each pass and the weaving, makes for a very nice tight grid to put the mattress on.  When I got to the end, I tied another double knot around a pin, held close to the frame.   Now Tessie can jump on it as much as she wants to.  It won't come loose...Well a least not for a while.

The photo doesn't show the color well.  It is about the color of sisal rope.  Below it, you can see the stuff that was on it.  Very unsatisfactory.

I am now going to go see what I can find to dress the bed.  I need another mattress for the trundle.  I have enough sheets and pillows, if Tessie will let me use my monogrammed sheets.  I have a feeling that she will want those to go on the trundle, so that nobody can see the initials.

Anyway, back to work.

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

You're such a busy little bee, Casey! I like how you have dressed the bed. Thanks for the tutorial!

modernist molly said...

Really, you should be running the country. Not that I don't like the current incumbent, but could he re-string a trundle bed, build a fireplace from egg cartons AND keep a covey of witches under control? Never mind the baking, jewellery, entertaining more witches, etc etc, Obama, move over! said...

What a wonderful blog you and Tessie host. I just love it.


Fabiola said...

I like your bed and the scene with Tessie.
Bye Faby

lizzo said...

Did you cross stitch the coverlet? I love it. Wonder if you have a pattern?

Caseymini said...

Lizzo, the pattern was from a needlework magazine about 25 years ago. I am not sure that I even have it anymore. Even if I did, it would be copyrighted. I wouldn't. Be able to show it without getting into trouble. Maybe you could figure it out from the photos. Poke the photos to enlarge. I think that there have been several entries, over the years, showing that particular bedcover. Try looking under "cross stitch" or maybe beds in the sidebar. Good luck.