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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Lettice Was in the Way!

It had to be done...Lettice is out.  She will have a new room soon, but for now, she is without a home.

The new bed has to go in that room.  That room was originally meant to be another Colonial room to go with the kitchen next to it.

OK...Now I am going to show you something that I shouldn't.

Tessie helped me change the sheets.  She insisted that she couldn't sleep on sheets with someone else's monogram...

I put the antique linen sheets back on the antique linen mattress, with her help.  I though that you might like to see how we do it without damaging the needlework or the furniture, either one.

The sheets are wrapped around the mattress and pinned to themselves with straight pins.  I can't stand bedding that sticks out unnaturally.  I flipped this over and put it on the bed.  Nothing holding it in.

Then I ran a piece of double stick scotch tape around the three sides where the coverlet hangs down.

I started with the foot of the bed  and got it where I wanted it and pressed it against the tape.  Then I did either side, making sure that they were even.

It's a simple solution and won't last forever, but it will be in place for quite a long time. 

I use that instead of mini wax or anything like that.  Any of that sticky stuff can stain the fabric and stick into it so that you can never get it out.

Tessie took one look at the room, and announced that she would stay there on one condition...Like a fool, I asked what the condition was...

She answered, "You have to remove that dreadful baby rocking thingy in the corner.  I don't want any tiny people getting the idea that they can move in....I will NOT be awakened at 3:00AM by a bleating baby!  Especially one that isn't my own... Spike is bad enough." 

She then proceeded to unceremoniously shove it over the edge of the room and onto the floor.  Now I not only have to finish a room box for Lettice's things.. The cradle was in her room for a while, but it is a much later piece that I copied.  The original people sized piece was made by Canadian natives...I am not sure which tribe.  It should go somewhere else.

I have the room painted and floored for Lettice.  I have to get back to it, if she wants a place to sleep tonight.  I will show that to you tomorrow.  Back to work.

See you tomorrow.


azteclady said...

Poor Lettice!

(no, that was not a snicker you heard...)

Lucille said...

Thanks for the trick, Casey! It certainly simplifies things. I'm working on a chair at the moment and then taking a break reading a wonderful novel! A nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

Tina Wood said...

Thanks so much for showing how you dress your beds, everything lays so nice. Will have to remember this! thanks!

Sab said...

OMG, Tessie still is a hand full...:)

Thank you for your comment, it is nice to be back!