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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"Hold On Tight! Hold on Tighter!!!"

I finished laying the floor shortly after I wrote yesterday.  Then I sanded it.  First with 150 and then with 220.  It will get sanded again, between coats of varnish. The third time with 400.

I made a little shelf unit under the small bay and extended the top for another work space...Tessie wants it to be a window seat, where she can cuddle up and read a good book...Not happening...Remember?  This is my bay window.  Lots of light for working.
This morning I stopped at the Dollar Tree to scrounge around. 

I found all of the beads that you see in front, thumbtacks and the Disney rings that you see on Tessie's wrist...I may have to go back and get another package or two of those.  Big plans for them and the clear beads, both.

That will have to wait until tomorrow.  Wednesday is for Witches, you know.
I did get a coat of satin, water based varnish on the bay unit and the floor...I didn't do the tall shelf unit yet.  It isn't glued together yet.  I need to make some decisions on how high the shelves will be.

It was a bit difficult working around Tessie.  She hung there with Zar holding her feet the whole time I was working and she kept yelling, "Hold on tight!  Hold on tighter!!!". 

As usual, Spike was the only one with common sense...He sat in the doorway and watched the Terrible Two and snickered a lot.

I have to go get ready for the meeting now.

Don't forget to go back up to the top and poke the About. com badge.  Then vote.The place to vote is about half way down the page.  It is a tie right now.  Another 20 days to go.  Vote for Tessie!  She is hanging on by her toes!

See you tomorrow.


The grandmommy said...

Tessie...up to her usual antics! your floor will be so pretty. I realize now that I need to make better use of my sandpaper!

Lucille said...

I wrote down your sandpaper instructions. Casey, you must have applied a lot of tack on Tessie's feet. Wouldn't it have been horrible if she had fallen! You took a big chance.

Tina -Just a Small Thing said...

your floor turned out great, and Tessie is lucky he didn't drop her on her head!

mcddiss said...

me gusta mucho como has dejado el suelo, y esos estantes quedan muy bien, esas compras son geniales,no me extraña que quieras ir a por mas



Steinworks said...

Tessie is one tough charactor!

George the Miniguy said...

I just love your sense of humor, Casey. Have a great weekend!