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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Clean Slate....

That's what it's going to be after the living room floor.

I have enough to finish this floor and then I will be out of my favorite slate paper....never to be seen again. 

I have used it on here before and people have written to me trying to help me find more.  It just is never the same paper.  I don't believe that it is made anymore.  I bought this more than 20 years ago from a specialty art store.

I'm not working on the outside today....The front of the Clockwork Cottage faces the wall right now.  Walter was out running around, so I couldn't get his help to turn it.  I moved it myself before, but I also wrecked a number of things, including the roof, doing it.  Lesson learned.
Anyway, I cut a piece of illustration board the exact size of the living room floor.  I made sure it fit.  Then I painted it with Hippo Gray Ceramcoat.

Its another one of those instances where neatness doesn't count.  The paint is going to be the grout where it shows.  No need for fancy or two coats.

My method is a bit unorthodox, but it works.  I start in the left front corner of the floor.  I cut random pieces as I go and glue them to the board immediately, so as not to loose track of where I am.

The front ones get wrapped around to the back of the board for finish.

Here's what it looks like in progress.  I will just keep cutting, one piece at a time, until I get the whole thing covered.

Tomorrow I will show you how I use Prismacolor pencils and a ball stylus to finish it off.  It will probably take me at least a couple of hours just to cut and paste the rest of the pieces.

Then comes the fun part.  Making it come alive with just a hint of color.

Tessie has been pestering to hurry up and finish Zar's project...She seems to have a long list of projects to do for her...The problem is, the longer this takes, the longer her list gets.

The hurrier I go, the behinder I get....

See you tomorrow


Lucille said...

Casey, is it possible that if you painted a thick sheet of watercolour paper the same colour as your slate paper that it might work for future projects?

Caseymini said...

No Lucille, this paper is actually pressed with a slate finish...bumps, cracks and all. When I finish a floor, it looks like real slate. Next floor I will do like I have before with illustration board. That method takes a bit more work. I will show you sometime.

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
That is a really clever way to make the stone. I ams orry you can't find it anymore. I hope you manage to track down more of the stuff, or at least a good replacement.
Big hug,