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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Two and a Half Handles.....

Are better than two....I haven't done any bead work for a while.  I decided that, since I have a new tool carrier, I should finish what I started...

The two pair of pliers that you see with covered handles have been done for years and I use them every day....That tells me that it was worth the trouble.  I like the thickness of the handle better than I did when they were bare.

I covered them with #11 seed beads.  The tweezers are done with #14.  Much smaller.  I have had to replace that one a couple of times.  That size just doesn't hold up to wear and tear like the size 11.

I started the handle on the wire cutters about 8 this morning....It takes a while...Lots of decisions to be made on the first side.  The second side will go more quickly.  I have a pattern to follow now.

I asked Tessie for my beaded pencil....She hid it somewhere.  Looks like I won't see it for a while. 

She went rummaging through my UFO bead work drawer...Yes.  I have one of those too...

She found this mandela that I did several years ago.  She seems to think that it should be made larger to go on the cover of the tool cart.

I'm not at all sure about the "larger" part.  It is big enough now that it takes a lot of time to go around the whole thing.  Those are #14s.  I might just sew it on as is.

Here's some other #14 beaded pieces.  the one in the center sits on the bathroom counter and holds alcohol.  Much prettier than the plastic bottle that the alcohol comes in.

The other two are plain old bead containers that were empty.  I covered those with #14s too.  See how much more intricate the patterns are with that size of bead?

Both of them are still empty.  I am thinking that the one on the left would make a good holder for Exacto blades.  It is hard plastic and would stand up to the wear and tear.

I used to carry the other one in my purse with a pen inside.  I decided that wasn't such a good idea with all of the other things banging around in there.  I have to think of something to put inside.

It just stands there looking pretty.  I want it to be useful too.

I am going back to start the second handle now.  I can't stand the poor naked handle that is left.  It needs covering.

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Those bottles are gorgeous. What sort of glue do you use for that, Casey? Did you not have a tutorial for that at one time?

Caseymini said...

Lucille, none of the beadwork is glued. These are all peyote stitch. Needle and nymo beading thread only! I used to teach this here in Tucson, but not on the blog. There are already all kinds of sites devoted to this technique.

The grandmommy said...

Absolutely, amazing. I love your work.I wish I had the talent and patience.

Anna said...

Wow... You are amazingly talented and as someone just said, really patient to come up with something like this..!

mcddiss said...

que bonitos trabajos has hecho con las pequeñas cuentas,has tenido mucha paciencia ,



Giac said...

Hello Casey,
I never would of thought of that one!
They look wonderful. You really are an incredibly talented person!
good luck with the other handle.
Big hug,