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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Phyllisa's Fault!

Phyllisa commented on the wall shelf in the kitchen...I went back to look for the post when I did it.  I couldn't find any directions.  Soooo....You are stuck with directions today.

First of all, I didn't draw up plans for this in the first place.  I have done lots of shelves with this method, so I just cut and go.

You can do this with any kind of fancy molding, preferably at least a half inch in width.   Just be sure to make the pieces match.  The widest part of the molding will be at the top and the bottom.  The shelves will be at the widest parts, so plan accordingly.  You may have more or less shelves, depending on the molding that you use.

I used one similar to the one on the right side of the photo with Zar for the kitchen shelf. It is a bit smaller though.

The one on the bottom left is a bit small.  I would use that for maybe a spice rack or something of the sort.
Now...About the plans.  I drew these up last night, using the measurements of the finished shelf.  Yours doesn't necessarily need to have the same measurements.  It all depends on your molding.

Mine is two inches wide and two and a half inches tall.  That is the back plate.  The other pieces are cut to fit that.

The side pieces sit outside of the back, so they are the same length.

The five shelves are set inside so they are also two inches.  Pay no attention to the drawing on that piece...I was thinking that the side pieces sat on top of the back....Not so.  They sit outside, so that the sides will be seamless.

They are however a bit slimmer than the piece shown....You will have to measure.

Anyway, cut five of those. Cut five pieces of 1/16" double bead molding for the front edge of all five shelves.

There is a piece of 1/8" by 1/16" stock the same length, cut for the top and bottom.  That makes the top and bottom edges stick out just a bit more and makes it look more finished.

If you plan on staining it, do so while it is still in pieces and then glue.  If you want to paint it, just glue it together first.

Tessie volunteered to model...I am not sure why we need a model to show off the shelf...

She had to move the chair out of the way to do it.  I will be glad when there is a table in the dining room.  Then we won't have to move furniture to get around the kitchen.

I think that Spike was in there during the night.  The Terrible Two just left everything on the table when they were done...Now there are a couple of cookies on the floor with bites taken from one...They look suspiciously like doggy bite marks.

I do wish that they would clean up after themselves.  I have other work to do.

See you tomorrow.


Fabiola said...

Thanks for sharing.
Bye Faby

Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. I will gladly take the blame for having you make plans for the kitchen shelf. I shall keep it in mind for later use.It's a good thing you have a directory of projects because I make frequent
trips back to past ones.


Jennybee said...

Thanks for sharing Casey, your tutorials are great and I just so happen to have some molding scrap that may work for a shelf.

Heidianna said...

You never cease to amaze me with what you make. This shelf is no exception. Love it!

mcddiss said...

esa estanteria te ha quedado muy bien y se ve muy sencilla de hacer, gracias por las explicaciones



Giac said...

Hello Casey,
Thanks for the instructions. it is a greats helf...those 2 clean up... good luck with that one!
Big hug,

Lucille said...

A lovely shelf, Casey. I see Tessie is enjoying her role as the star of the photo shoot!