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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Get Your Feet Out of the Fudge!!!!!!!

I was going to do an entry on where to find scale toys for your Christmas scenes this morning...Got sidetracked.

Here's a few anyway.  You probably already know about many of them, but I will throw them in anyway.

Of course, there is always the toy department.  But take a tape measure.  See the little cars?  They are not matchbox size.  They are much smaller.  I just happened to run onto them at Big Lots a while ago. 
Four to a card.  They are metal and finely detailed.  The two black bears would need to be painted.  They came from Oso Negro vodka or gin from Mexico.  they used to have a bear on the neck of every bottle.  I don't know if they still do that or not.  The baby doll is an antique "frozen Charlotte" type, but her arms moved. I dressed her and crocheted bonnet and panties for her. 

The baby chick is one I made from two small pompoms and paper a couple of years ago.  There is a tutorial somewhere on the blog. for that and a couple of other animals. 

The pigs are game pieces.  The skateboard is for finger skating?

This is the part where I got sidetracked.  Tessie showed up as I was finding things and insisted that I put her sock monkey in as one of the toys.

If you are interested in making sock monkeys from poly clay, go here.
 There are full instructions on how to do it.

I finally got someone on my side.  In exchange for his Santa hat, Zar agreed to drag Tessie out so I could finish the photos.

She managed to grab one of the Guatemalan Worry Dolls that I was going to include in the toy section.  At least she left the rest intact.

I did have to send Zar back in to keep Spike from eating all of the bows from the presents.

They must put something in that ribbon that attracts animals.  My cats like the real Christmas bows and will chew them if they get the chance to do so.
Anyway, before this all started, I made fudge this morning.

When I went back to put it in the fridge, this is what I found.

Yup.  Those are footprints in the fudge!  She traipsed across the whole pan and plopped herself on the corner and demanded, "Casey!  Take my picture!  It will prove that you are keeping up your end of the bargain."

Well, we didn't need the top layer anyway.  I just called Zar to come fetch her again.  He will be here shortly.

If you would like to make "Tessie Fudge", it is the easiest recipe I have ever found and it is really good too.

Easy Fudge.

1 1/2 bags(24 oz) of chocolate chips
1 can of sweetened condensed milk
1 tsp. vanilla
a pinch of salt.

In a saucepan, melt chocolate chips and milk over medium heat. Stir while melting.
When melted, remove from heat.  Stir in vanilla and salt.  Add 3/4 c. chopped nuts, if desired.

Spread in an 8" square pan. Refrigerate.  When almost hard, cut into squares.

I sometimes use one bag of semi sweet chips and half a bag of another flavor.  I put in white chocolate this morning.  It is really good with peanut butter chips too.  Take your pick.  Mix and match.

Now that I have sidetracked you into making fudge, I will get back to work.

I have proof that I am sticking to the agreement and with footprints, no less!

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Thanks for the fudge recipe, Casey! It looks delicious, footprints and all! I love that little doll you dressed up. From your viewpoint, is it easier to knit or to crochet when it comes to minis. Because I've been struggling with a doll knitting kit and I'm wondering about this. I have a tendency to knit too tightly and I'm trying very hard to break myself of the habit. It can be extremely difficult to knit or purl two together when I have to struggle to get the needle in between the tight stitches.

Caseymini said...

Lucille, crochet is definitely easier. I do some knitting,but don't enjoy it as much for the exact reasons that you pointed out. Do try the fudge! It is really good. You can play mad scientist with it and do all kinds of chips just as long as you keep the amount of chips the same.

Kathi said...

Footprints in the fudge!? :D Only Tessie would do that!

Thanks for sharing the recipe. I like things that are easy and quick to make. Looks and sounds yummy!