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Saturday, December 1, 2012

December 1, Panic Time!!!

The crashing and banging in the family room this morning woke me up....At 4:30AM.  That's about when I usually get up, but usually at my own pace.

This morning I could hear scuffling and loud whispers, so I went to see what was going on...I knew it wasn't eight tiny reindeer and Rudolph.  To early in the month for that.  Besides, the noise was not coming from outside.

It seems that Tessie had a look at the bottom right hand corner of the computer screen and panic set in.
As I walked into the room, I heard Tessie wail, "It's December first and just look at this mess!  My hat is all squashed and the trim is falling off in the back...

Whereupon, she was answered by Zar.  "Hey!  You think you've got it bad.  Casey hid my Santa hat.  I can't even find it."

They were on the roof of the Christmas Cottage.  Tessie claims that it just magically appeared....I suspect it had a bit of a boost from The Terrible Two and Spike.  The last time I saw it, it was on top of one of the seven foot bookcases all wedged(scrunched would be a better term)in neatly, in the workroom.

They managed to climb down to the top floor and found Santa, still asleep.  Tessie them went into full panic attack..."Oh!  He can't be asleep!  He has work to do!"   Yup.  She attacked Santa, in a panic!
I convinced her that the elves were hard at work at the North Pole and she calmed down.

I have to admit, she is right.  Everything is in a sorry state and it is about time to panic!

If we only have 24 days to get the mess into shape we are in trouble.

There are other things that need doing besides fixing Christmas minis....Like shopping, cooking, cleaning, and...and....and......

I guess it doesn't do any good to panic.  We all just have to take it one step at a time...  The question is, what is the first step?

First get the dog out of the attic and wake up Santa.  At least one string of lights still works!  That's a start.  I am trying to look on the bright side of things(no pun intended).  What I need now is that British sign.....Keep Calm and Carry On...

See you tomorrow.


Eliana said...

No stress! Have time to do everything. ;)

* I always read all your posts, sorry if I do not comment much. ;)


Darah said...

Good to see someone else didnt have there decorations up yet! I just got the mini christmas tree out and some new thanks that the Rene family or the mini people haven't seen! Which includes an ipad mini of course. Thought Elli would love it!

Lucille said...

I'm sure you'll manage to get everything done on time, Casey, you always do! How I wish I could get up early. Unfortunately by the time you get up, I've only been sleeping a few hours. I'm trying very hard to change my sleeping habits but it's not easy. The body has its own clock, unfortunately.