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Friday, November 30, 2012

Logic? Who Needs Logic?

I gave up on being logical.  I am just going to make the rooms livable.

This morning is started figuring out window placement.  No doors.  They are on our side of the room...

The windows that you see, with the exception of the ones in the sun room are simply to see where to put them....There will be drapes that will cover most of the area....Not much window showing.

The top floor is going to be a sun room and a cozy winter kind of room...As I said....No logic whatsoever.

The second floor is going to be two bedrooms and a sitting room between.

MiniTessie has claimed the left bedroom....She is pulling a typical Tessie-ism on me.  She is running around.  Then she freezes in place and asks, "Can you see me now?"

Don't ask me where the penguin in the sitting room came from.  I just woke up this morning and he was wandering around the house.  I suspect that he is the only pet that miniTessie could find in her size.

As for Tessie herself, she is completely occupied.  My friend Jo always sends her something for Christmas and she tears into it as soon as it arrives. Thanks Jo!

Jo is a great basket maker in both mini and real life.  This year, she sent Tessie a basket full of mini supplies and mini books! 

As soon as Tessie got a hold on the basket, she announced, "You can leave now, Casey.  I would rather do it myself!".

Now the only question is.....What is she going to do?  Will she build herself a mini dollhouse or maybe I can just quit and she will take over the rest of the buildings that I have half undone....No....Her personality is like mine.  In the future, I can see myself tripping over tiny, unfinished builds that she will leave wherever, whenever the mood strikes her to start something else.

On behalf of Tessie, thanks Jo.  I may be calling you to come and clean up the tiny messes all over the house!  She has already started.  I can hear pounding....No, wait.  I think that's the headache that she is causing me......

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

I can't help but marvel at the intricacies of this mini furniture you have built, Casey! The little penguin is such an amusing new member! I've always loved penguins! They fascinate me. As for Tessie, she keeps entertaining with her unique goings on.

Steinworks said...

I'd tell mini tessie that I couldn't see her, that way she'd stop moving around (I do that to the kids...but it never seems to work they move on to something else that's even more annoying)


Giac said...

Hello Casey,
Your proiject is just so amazing. The detail in such a small scale is terrific. I can't wait to see more, and keep an eye on Tessie,