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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Want To Bet???

OK.  I have pretty much all of the shingle wood in hand now. 

The Terrible Two are taking bets as to whether or not I am going to get the rest of the roof covered with what I have left....

Zar is on my side.  Tessie is betting against.  The only trouble with this scenario is...If  Tessie sees that she is going to lose, she will certainly zap a few sticks away to make sure that I come up short. 
The first photo shows the method of cutting....If you use the calenders for anything like this, lay the pieces side by side, to cut with scissors.  If you stack them, you will end up with a lot of splintered wood.  The scissors tend to eat the wood if it's stacked.

For gluing, I use plain old white glue in a fine nosed bottle.  I run a line across the top of the previous row and another approximately where the top of the new row will go.

It helps to have Spike's supervision.  If any are too long and look like they would be fun to chase, I simply toss them over my shoulder.  He brings them back  and chews on them until they are the right size.
Tessie and Zar are helping too.  Tessie says she is measuring, but she has been sitting there holding the same stick for the past 23 minutes.  I suspect she is power napping when I am not watching.

Zar, on the other hand, has his hammer ready....Never mind that I am not using nails.  He's ready....Double power nap time.

As you can see, for a roof like this, I don't mess with measuring.  I just cut the pieces by eye.  I want it to look a bit rustic.
I thought you might like to see what the finished side of the roof looks like.  After I got all of the shingles on that side, I hit is with some stain.  I will have to get back to you on what kind is it.  I'm not sure what I used.  I had better figure it out.  I do want the roof the same color all over.

There were three rows of shingles on the part I am working on.  I put three more rows on...It is very slow work, but someone has to do it....Those other two are up on the roof playing inspector. 

If I want anything done.....

Back to work. 

See you tomorrow.


Connie Eyberg Originals said...

You are a patient person (and I don't just mean putting up with those two). I love seeing your process.

Giac said...

Hello casey,
I'd hide a bunch of sticks, just in Case tessie gets at it again. It must have been so time consuming to make, but the shingle effect is superb.
Great work.