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Friday, November 16, 2012

This Will Be the Last Time....

This morning I went into the workroom, and to my surprise, the mid century mod room was refurnished!

In one end, Tessie was in the orange recliner, asleep, with a cookbook over her face.  Spike was on her lap, trying to get her to wake up.

He is loyal....Remember? He's the only one on her "nice" list.

I doubt that it will last long.  Zar is still working on the "naughty" list...He had to tag a couple more sheets of paper onto the bottom and then ordered pepperoni pizza....Spike's favorite food.

I put an end to the whole thing.  I kicked them all out.  Nicely, of course.

I figure that, as long as it is all cleaned up, it should stay that way.  Pass the pizza!

Walter is out playing golf, so it is a good time for me to finish off the basket(s).  Yes.  There was a second one yesterday. 

When I moved the worktable into the workroom yesterday, I had to take care of all of the tools, paint and other supplies that were hiding under the table in the bedroom.  Another laundry basket.  Bah Humbug!!!

I have started on the last basket again.  Hopefully, I will empty it today.

I need all the help I can get.  Tessie is handing me things to put away and telling me where to put them....That's not always helpful...She just handed me a table leg and told me to stick it in my ear...
It is going to take a while.  Somehow a lot of the tiny shingles for the quarter inch, half timber wall house got loose in the basket.  I can't afford to throw them away.  I don't think that I am likely to run into one of that particular wooden slat calender again.  It is the only one that I have run across in the last 30 years...So....I am sorting the piles and carefully picking the shingles out, one at a time....

If it wasn't for some of the really tiny things that I know are in there, I would dump the whole thing.  Unfortunately, my memory is pretty good and I can see a lot of the stuff in there...So...I am sorting.

If I finish this today, I will be able to do minis with a clear conscience.

I want to start the Russian trunk.  I am determined to get to it tomorrow.  Wish me luck.

See you then.


Mary said...

Good luck, Casey. I believe you can do it. I look forward to seeing the chest.

Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. Half the battle of organizing is having a place for everything. You probably have places for all your bits and pieces. My latest organizing method for tiny things is putting them in ziploc bags, labeling them and storing them in a plastic container (also labeled) with like things. Works for me! I have tried other methods.

Steinworks said...

that sounds like a lot of work, but if you save a shingle it was worth it :)

I would tell Tessie that table legs dont go into ears..but I dont think shed listen to me


Caseymini said...

Phyllisa, been there. Tried that. The stuff I take out never gets put back if I have to open the box and then the zip bag and then close the bag and the box.

The one that works for me is the Plano Boxes with the adjustable partitions. Those, I only have to open and close once and I can change the size of the compartments as needed. I get the large ones in the fishing supplies at Walmart. I have been using this method for at least 15+ years now. I am keeping the Plano Company in business all by myself...

Kathi said...

The left side of my desk looks just like your last photo. I have no idea what is there now but I'm sure there are things I want to keep. LOL

Are those white cone shaped thingys tops of glue bottles? Guess I need to start saving those too!

Caseymini said...

Kathi, grab a tray or basket and join me. We will sort together.

Yes, those are caps from glue bottles. AKA styrofoam cups in mini. If you don't like white, paint'm!

Giac said...

Hello casey,
The mod room looks lovely. Good luck going through that last basket.
Big hug,