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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Miscellaneous Endeavors

The first thing this morning, I made a run to town and came up with this!

I bought those little round containers that you see in the photo, in the craft department(jewelry) at Walmart.  Each one hold six different kinds of whatever you want to store.  I started putting jewelry findings in them.  they work great, however, when it came to storing them, I didn't like the container that they offered to put them in. It would only hold six.  It was made of heavy cardboard of some kind.  You couldn't see what was in each of the little round things without lifting them out of said container.  So....I have been looking for a way to stack them.  I thought of putting them on some kind of rod, maybe like a paper towel holder....They were too thick.  This morning I thought of the little towel stands for hand towels that people keep on their counters for guests...I am not that fancy.  And besides, as tall as they are, they would only hold about six, too.

These toilet paper holders were standing right beside the little towel thingies.  The light bulb above my head exploded.  This holds twice as many thingies as the one that the craft department does. I can see what is in each one, without taking them all out.  And the price was half of the fancy one in the craft department...Made of metal and will probably last forever...  Can you tell that I am a happy camper?

We went over to April and Seth's for lunch yesterday.  A week from Monday will be Amare's first birthday.

April is dressing him in hand me downs!

This shirt is one that I embroidered for her when she was three years old.  I kept some of her baby clothes and this was the prize.  It is only a little big on Amare. 

It had girly hearts for buttons.  Her name was on the pocket. 

April and I tried it on him to see if it could be made more boy like. 

It already had Oscar the Grouch on the back.  Yes, I did every stitch from scratch.  Oscar was her favorite when she was little.

Amare, on the other hand is more of an Elmo kind of guy.  Not at all grouchy.

It was decided that the girly heart on the sleeve would be Amare's first tattoo...I embroidered "Mom" over the heart.

Then I crossed out April's name on the pocket with yellow Xs. and embroidered AMARE above that.  I am now in the process of changing the buttons.  Instant(almost) boy ready shirt. It has held up pretty well for thirty odd years.  Maybe when Amare has kids, we can give it another makeover...
Yes.  I did minis this morning too.  The trim is around the windows of the Russian cottage. 

As soon as I get off of this infernal machine, I am going back and work on it some more.

Tessie and Zar are helping, so it is taking twice as long to do everything.  I don't have the advantage of sending them to clean up the workroom now....Maybe cleaning up wasn't such a good idea after all...

Gotta get back to work.

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

I think it's beautiful that Amare will be wearing one of his mother's shirt when she was only three. He must be a big boy!

Jane Smith said...

Your workspace looks great now!

I clean up and mess up every other day, maybe I need some mini helpers too ;)

mcddiss said...

que buenas compras que has hecho y que buena solucion para tenerlo todo a mano y a la vista , la camisa me gusta mucho es muy especial y seguro que a tu nieto le encanta , ya veo que ese terrible duo sigue dando guerra , pero se ve muy bien la casa de campo rusa



Kathi said...

LOVE your idea of recycling April's shirt for Amare. :D So cute.

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

I love the little storage containers available anymore. Great idea to use the toilet tissue stand to hold them. I found some containers at Michaels that work perfectly for my beads and I'm heading out after work to buy more. Did you see them on my organizing blog? They would work great for minis too.

The stitching you did on the little shirt is great, especially the grouch! That is a fun idea to use it again for a first birthday.

Sans! said...

Love the shirt!