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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Day Two....Happy Thanksgiving!

OK....It doesn't look a lot darker than day one.  It is.

After 48 hours, it looks like this.  I used the heat gun to dry it or it might have turned out a bit darker....I have to hurry.  We are headed for Phoenix in a couple of hours. 

By the way, Happy Thanksgiving.  The turkey on the board if stolen from the Christmas Kitchen Island scene. 

I realized that the turkey isn't really fit to eat.  It is over 25 years old and counting!

Now that I have taken the photo, I notice that it could use a good dusting. Oh well That will have to wait.

Maybe I will put up a tutorial on the turkey if anybody is interested.  Sorry for the short post!

Happy Turkey Day to the people that celebrate it and a good Thursday to the rest.

See you tomorrow....I should have lots of time....I am NOT going anywhere on Black Friday.  That is much scarier than Halloween!


Eliana said...

The tutorial on the turkey would be interesting. :)
Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Kathleen Charniak said...

HappyThanksgiving to you also. I would love to make a turkey. Enjoy your day. Hugs from Illinois Kathy C PS Never heard of making stain fr steel wool-thx for that tid bit also.

Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. I hope your Thanksgiving
Day is a happy one.
I have made several nice mini turkeys.What I have not been happy with is my stuffing. If you do a turkey tutorial, I hope you include the stuffing.

Merri said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Casey, to you and all your family! Hey, a bird in the hand is worth two in the after 25 years the dust probably has a nice gravy flavor, LOL!

Kelli said...

A Happy Thanksgiving wished to you and yours as well. I for one would love a good tutorial on the Turkey... Have yet to master my work with clay, and would really like to turn something out that looks halfway decent! lol

Giac said...

Happy thanksgiving Casey,
I hope you had a wonderful holiday. The stain is working great. It looks beautiful!
Big hug,

Steinworks said...

a belated Happy thanksgiving

Rhissanna said...

A belated Thanksgiving and doesn't a tiny toy turkey on a platter have a brief starring role in 'A Christmas Carol'?