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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Room Without a View....

It just defies logic. If I put the doors at the back of the rooms, we have to assume that there is a hallway and more house back there....

If I put windows back there, it adds interest, but again makes no sense. 

I don't want doors going from room to room.  That would double the number of doors needed.

Tessie is making me crazy.  She says, "If a wizard, that is any kind of a wizard at all lives here, and he can make it night when he wants to look at the stars, he should not need doors and windows in specific places.

I may just have to follow her kind of fuzzy logic on this.  After all, it wasn't meant to be a quarter inch dollhouse.  It was meant to be a decorative shelf.
Tessie is back in the mix.  After Giac's comment a couple of days ago.  By the way, if you want to see some wonderful miniatures, go visit his blog!  Amazing work. 

OK.  Now about Tessie.  She is back to supervising with a vengeance.

First she tried to hold miniTessie where she could get a view of what was going on through her eyes.  When  that didn't work, Tessie dropped her like a hot potato.  I almost stepped on her and squashed her.

I wonder what effect that would have had on Tessie?  Hmmmmm....Sometimes I am tempted to find out.  No....Then I wouldn't have anybody to keep me in line.

Anyway, She has approved of the placement of two fireplaces that I drew up plans for last night.  I tried them out in foam core this morning...they worked! 

I dug through my files to find background to fill the windows.  I found some stuff that will work....But I also found these.

One of the few classes I took when I first got into minis was a rosewood tea house.  It was beautiful, but a kit and it didn't mean much to me.  I sold it. 

I found this!  plans for a Tea for Two Tea house.  complete with schematic.  It's for a full sized one, but shouldn't be too complicated. 

In answer to your next question.  No....I am not going to start it right away.  I am putting it on my things to start list though....Let's face it.  I start a lot of things.  Sooner or later, they get finished.....Remember?  Attention span of a six year old?

I also found this potting shed and plans.  Not as cute.  Way down on the list, but reminded me of another potting shed(much nicer) that I saved the plans for.  Now where'd I put those?

I am not going to look for them today.  I have to do other things in real life. 

Tessie needs supervising whilst she is supervising me too.  I just heard a crash in the other room....Wall house off the wall?  Maybe....

I have to go see what is going on now.

See you tomorrow. 


Lucille said...

I don't know how you keep track of all your things, Casey! I don't even have a quarter of what you have and I find it hard, no matter how often I reorganize.

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
Thank you for your kind words about my work. Still not saying anything in case I cause more trouble ;)

rosanna said...

Dear Casey,you are a tornado of activity,I get tired only by reading what you do.
Keep going,I love reading your blog :o))) Rosanna

Rhissanna said...

This is looking glorious, despite(or is it because of?) Tessie. You have such patience!

I've come to say 'thank you' for the wonderful tip earlier this year about making wreaths from passion vine tendrils. I made one, and found it made a lovely garland for the heads of my dolls, adding a touch of realism to mulberry paper roses. So, thank you, thank you! You helped me complete my latest doll.