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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tessie Is Back!

Yes....Tessie made it through the party...However, some of the rest are still sleeping it off.  In particular, Zar is still hanging from the rafters.

I am still cleaning in the workroom.  This morning I decided to tackle some of the project boxes.  Namely, baskets.  I have one box for woven baskets and one for coiled.

I have only started on the coiled.  I found ten baskets...Only two finished. Tessie grabbed one and filled with fruit.  I am left with the unfinished ones, with orders from her to get to work and finish all of the remaining starts....She is off somewhere now, taking a ill earned break.
I also am sorting out all of the projects in knit and crochet(real world) that I have to finish before and by Christmas...
Do gifts to myself count?  this last photo is of a scarf that I am doing for myself.  It is all of my leftover sock yarn. 

I may have to resort to unraveling a pair of socks to finish it.  It's OK though.  I have plenty of socks, but only one leftover sock yarn scarf. 

I really like it and it's all MINE!  Gift to me from me.  I think that counts.

I am going back to the basket making box now.  I will work on baskets as long as Tessie is standing over me with a whip and a chair.  The first time she leaves, I am going back to the big stuff.  I can watch Korean Dramas on Netflix whilst doing that.... It's kind of like reading a book and knitting at the same time.  Multi-tasking can be fun.

Hey! Tessie left.   I am now officially hiding from her.  I locked the bedroom door.

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

I love the colour combination of your scarf!

mcddiss said...

a veces pasa que empezamos cosas y luego las dejamos a medias, pero tu tienes a Tessie que te vigila para que las termines , seguro que las terminas antes de que te des cuenta, la bufanda que estas haciendo con restos es muy bonita y alegre quedara estupenda