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Friday, October 19, 2012

It's Time to Call it a Day......

The party's over....

I got up and finished the rug this morning.  I did the usual glue hem method that I use.  I simply smear white glue over the last rows on the edge, making sure that it covers a row or two of plain canvas.  Then I let it dry and trim it down.

I don't like rugs that are turned under.  Toooooo thick.
I still need to snip a few tails here and there, but otherwise it's done. 

Did I mention that I treated it so that it will be impervious to bug beer and other potions?  Let them spill their drinks.  I'm not worried.

Yes, that's bug beer that you see.  The weaver is a bit careless.  Not to worry.  The rug is fine.

How do I know?  As soon as I finished it and took the photos, Tessie grabbed it and shouted, "OK.  Party's over!  Everybody go home.  I need a nap!"

Then she proceeded to wrap herself in the rug and start snoring loudly. 

Since some of the attendees had already passed out or were close to it, I didn't bother to chase anybody out.  As long as they are quiet, they can stay where they are.

It was a good party, as Tessie's parties go.  No fights.  Just happy bug beer drinking and fortunetelling. 

I am not  cleaning up after this bunch.  Tessie can do that whenever she decides that she has had enough napping.  I am on to other pursuits. 

See you tomorrow...


Lucille said...

You must be so happy to be finished with your rug, Casey. It's beautiful! It's funny to see Zar passed out on the roof! Enjoy your quiet time! It most certainly will not last long, not with our Tessie!

Giac said...

Hello Casey, Great tip for the carpet edge. It came out beautiful. Great job. I hope the party wasen't too hard on you. get some rest...Tessie will be back at it before you know it!
Big hug,

mcddiss said...

me guata mucho como te ha quedado la alfombra, los colores son muy alegres , veo que Tessy sigue haciendo de las suyas, a ve si se calma



miniacollection said...

Beautiful carpet!

Kathi said...

Congratulations! Your rug is gorgeous!