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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sold to the Highest Bidder....

This is the last of the curtains.  I pinned and sprayed it this morning.  With this one, the front opening curtains will be ready to install.

I decided that the front opening needed at least one panel that would calm the others down a bit.  After all, I haven't gotten to the trims yet...

I am still working diligently on the rug.

I am close to being done with the inner border....And I finished the second hat too.

I still have to make some decisions on furnishing...

However....The new owner may have something to say about that.

Tessie informed me late yesterday that she was "unloading the place".  She told me, "I have decided that I don't want to invest my time in reading tea leaves and stars and palms and bumps on people's heads...

Shortly thereafter, I caught her exchanging money for goods with Tessie Jr. 

Tessie got cash and gold pieces up front.  Junior has yet to get the deed...

I found out that there was an auction of sorts.  Zar was the other bidder.  It seems that was Tessie's way of getting a better price for the place.  He bid until Tessie gave him the signal and then dopped out when she was satisfied. 

It's OK though.  Junior is the niece of the also nameless straw into gold spinner at the top of the Witch's Warehouse.  I suspect that the gold will turn back to straw after a reasonable length of time.  Tessie had better spend it fast!

By the way. Notice the eerie light coming from overhead in the booth?  No magic involved.  I found a clip on book light with a bendable stem at Dollar Tree.  It is perfect.  Purple shade.  Clamps to the inside of the roof.  They claim that it will last for a year....Hey!  Not bad for a dollar.

I have to go chase Tessie down now and see if she will split the money with me for supplies and work....Probably not, but I can try, can't I?

See you tomorrow.


Phyllisa said...

Well Casey, your stories are just so funny! You crack me up!

Lucille said...

Tessie just being Tessie! That gypsy doll is so pretty!

Merri said...

What a beautiful doll that little gypsy girl is!

mcddiss said...

me guara esa ultima cortina , espero verla pronto en su sitio, veo que la alfombra sigue creciendo dia a dia , asi que Tessi va a sacar beneficio de la cabina de adivinacion



Giac said...

Hello Casey,
The room is looking gorgeous. your draperies are perfect! good luck with Tessie, butdon't get your hopes up.
Big hug,