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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

No Photos of Laundry....

Not that I am out beating the laundry on a rock beside a stream, but I am doing it. I have to stop and change loads from washer to dryer and fold and put away and hang up and .....Photos would just be boring.

I am working on the Gypsy rug as fast as my little fingers will go.  It gets harder to do after the sun goes down, but I am making progress.

For the past few nights, I have been working on knitting for Christmas. 

April has already seen her stocking cap.  I had to try it on to see if it fit....It did, but was too long so I had to rip some out.  She didn't want a turned up brim.

I officially am done with that one.  Seth hasn't seen his yet.  That's why you are just getting a corner of that one. Just the crown to go.

The yarn is new from Lion Brand. Very pretty variations of color and just slightly fuzzy.

I am planning on making Amare a cap to match each of these.  I use the term loosely.  The yarn doesn't have any repeats that I can see.  It just wanders from one color to another.  That's what makes it fun to use.  When you are finished it is as much of a surprise to you as it is to the recipient of the gift.

The name of this yarn, as stated on the label is "Amazing"  and it really is.  What's even more amazing is Walmart is carrying it.  It is wool and some acrylic added for strength. 

I hear a buzzer in the background...

Back to the big rock and the beating stick by the creek.  OK.  So I only have to change a load from the washer to the dryer and hang up the other load that was in there.  I lied about the big rock and the creek.  The wash out behind the back fence has no water in it right now...but... 

It's terrible when real life creeps in on my fun,,,I have to go.

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Love those stocking caps. The baby will look so sweet wearing one of those!

Idske said...

The rug is nearly there! 1/3 or even 2/3.:) It's gorgeous and I'm jealous at how fast you do the embroidering!

Jackie said...

I love the colors of the cap! Beautiful work!!


mcddiss said...

esa alfombra esta casi ca punto para terminarla, animo , y el gorro es muy divertido seguro que les gustara