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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Inheritance

And nobody even died!

Walter is retiring in a couple of months and will no longer be in need of dress up clothes anymore.  He was about to toss his ties. He knows better, so he gave me first dibs on them.

This first bunch will probably be saved for larger crafts.

He seldom wore them for work, except for special occasions.  Most are almost like new.  All are silk.  Need I say more...?

I love the two ties on the right.  The outer one was designed using one of Jerry Garcia's(Grateful Dead)paintings.

The second one in looks quite normal until you get up close...Then there are Warner bros. cartoon characters carefully hidden among the paisley print.  I have to do something with that one soon!

I could also call this entry the anatomy of a necktie.  Probably a lot of you have seen the value of men's silk ties in mini, but for those of you that haven't, here goes.

Years ago, we used to be able to buy big bags of ties in the thrift shops for a few bucks.  Nobody wanted them.  Nowadays its a different story.  They are at least a couple dollars for the good silk ones.

I seldom buy them any more unless needed or I see one that I know that I will use.  If you do go looking, make sure there is a small tag on the inner seam that says 100% pure silk.  That's the key for good mini work.  The synthetic ones don't glue well.

When you take them apart, don't throw anything away.  Well maybe the labels.... The rest can be used.  The cheap stuff that is the lining of the bottom maybe.  The outer skin is at least a quarter of a yard of silk cut on the bias.  You do have to be careful how you use it because of the grain of the fabric.  If you want it to fit around curves it is good to use it on the bias(threads running diagonally).  If you want it to hold shape, use it on the grain.  The bias stretches.  The straight of grain doesn't.

The very inside of the tie often has a couple of even weave white pieces that can be used for cross stitch and other purposes if you are desperate for materials.  I used to make quite nice kitchen towels from them with a cross stitch band across the bottom and a fringed edge.  Waste not, want not.

This is the end results of a couple of ties from the 70s or 80s.

Both are silk.  Most ties will make a couple of chairs like this if you cut them carefully.  Need I say, the wider the tie, the better.

OK...Everybody run for the nearest thrift not cut up the ties of the man of the house!  He will not be happy.  No matter what beautiful minis you make from them. 

Under no circumstances are you to use the phrase, "Casey told me to!"  or "Tessie said I could."!

See you tomorrow.


MerriMagic said...

*smacks head* Why didn't I ever see the potential in men's old ties? OMG what a great post, Casey! I'm going to raid hubby's tie collection! (I'll ask first).

MerriMagic said...

Wow, I never thought of using men's ties before! I'm gonna raid hubby's closet! (I'll ask first)

Fabiola said...

It's a great idea. I like your chairs.
Bye Faby

Caseymini said...

Merri! Just don't tell hubby where you got the idea!LOL

Kathi said...

I've paid $1.99 for a tie at my thrift shop! I was thinking of making grandpa some vests. NO. I will not be distracted by this post!!!!

Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. Recently I found a BAG of ties at the thrift store for $3.99.Individually, they were priced at $1.99 to $4.99. I have pulled out five of them to use in projects soon.
I will keep the rest, except for the really ugly ones, because I never know what I will want to make later.
Thanks for the information.

Lucille said...

I'll call my son to see if he has any silk ties he no longer needs. He's retired, so I don't know. We do have thrift shops around. Thanks, Casey. By the way, those chairs are gorgeous!

ShellbyFay said...

This is why I need a man!!

Jane Smith said...

Well my husband will be no help..i got the hubby who has two shades of grey ties...the fancy grey and the casual grey *lol*

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
What a wonderful collection of ties...I can just imagine how great they will look on miniatures.
big hug,

Eliza said...

Lucky you! It goes the opposite way with us- I find ties at the thrift store, and my brother decideds he loves them! If I have time before Christmas, I want to make custom pocket notebook covers with some of the ties which won't work for minis.

mcddiss said...

que buena provision de seda que has encontrado , seguro que la aprovecharas con unos bonitos trabajos



miniannalee said...

I have gotten a bunch of silk ties from thrift stores in the past too. I'm always on the look out for small patterns that would look good in mini. I've even asked a local thrift store to let me know if they get any that have stains or are otherwise unsellable and I will purchase them too.