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Monday, October 22, 2012

Moving Monday....

OK.  I kicked the last of the party people out of Madam Tessie's this morning...Time to move on to something else.

I perched it atop the tall bookcase in the bedroom, along with a bunch of dragons and gargoyles to keep it safe.

Zofi refuses to leave...She's not paying rent and not getting any customers in this out of the way spot, so I don't know what is going to happen. 

Meanwhile, I moved Spike's Crypt down to the top of the jewelry/tool chest.  I kind of like it at eye level.  Now I can see all of the details that I couldn't when it was up on the bookcase.

Buffy and Spike went back to arguing and trying to kill each other there.  So things are back to normal...

Spike:"Here Buffy, I baked cookies.".  Sure he did.
Buffy: "Just set them on the table.  I wouldn't want to get blood on them when I try to kill you again..."

See?  Normal...
If you enlarge this one, You can see more of the detail. 

One of my favorite pieces is the little grim reaper toy on the second shelf.  A friend of mine sent him from England.  When you turn the little yellow handle on the side of the base, he swings the scythe back and forth...

I put one of the portable closet lights in the top to take the photos.  I really prefer it when it is dark and dank.
While I am thinking about it, I should tell you that this is another of the birdcages.

The outside front is all faux marble.  I did the front and sides with illustration board this time, so that I could take the marble all the way to the corners on the top. I won't go into the technique.  I have it in other entries.

I added regular molding on the top edge of the main wall to make it more substantial looking.

The corner posts are the birdcage itself.

The real reason I am showing this view is the roof.  People are always wanting different ways of making roof tile.  These slates are more of the illustration board.  I cut the tiles a bit larger than I wanted them to look so that I could overlap them. Then started at the bottom and worked up, just like regular shingles. After I got them all glued in place, I let the glue dry. Next I primed them with gesso and a stiff stencil brush.  Last, I painted them with charcoal gray Ceramcoat and a bit of shading with a little lighter gray here and there.

It just proves that you can work with whatever is at hand.  The trees on the outside of the building are made from branches of my rosemary bushes in the back yard.  Stripped of leaves(put in soup) and with railroad greenery added.

Anyway, now I can start on something else...Oh yeah....I forgot about the workroom...Workroom?  What workroom? 

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Looking forward to your next project, Casey!

mcddiss said...

me gusta mucho el resultado final del puesto de la adivina , y no habia visto la cripta de Spike y Buffi, yo veia esa seria , me gusta mucho esta llena de detalles