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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Foolin' Around....Then Back to Work...

OK.  I finished the skirt on the table.  I still have the arms and back on the chair and settee.  Then I will be braiding like a madwoman to do the trim...Oh and I have to wrap the legs.

Because of Giac's comment yesterday, I decided to go hunting.  Blame him for a shorter work period.  He said that he wanted to steal Zar's sign to put on his cubicle at work...

There are better signs than that one.  All you have to do is put "Danger Signs" in your search box. There are even a couple that just say "DANGER" with a blank space below for you to fill in the cause.

Then you have your choice of MANY different ones...  This is the one that I used on the outside of Zar's Shower Tower at the Clockwork Trailer. 

It works so well that nobody wants to use the shower now...Maybe I should get a less threatening sign/

I think that this one would be fun for a cubicle...I may put this on my workroom door.
Here's one that will keep everyone away without telling them exactly what the disease is....Could be anything from the plague to chicken pox.
I kind of liked this one.  When people try to enter, you could start moving mechanically and freak them out...
This one is my very favorite. I don't think that it would work for a cubicle, but it would sure make a few burglars hesitate...

OK.  That's enough with the silly signs.  I am going back to weaving now. 

After re reading this one, I am not sure if all of this weaving is not affecting my sanity...

See you tomorrow.


Morena Ciambra Dreamartdolls said...

They are just wonderful!!!! I love the attention to the details.

You always brighten my day!!!! Thank you!
Hugs, Morena

Chris P's Minis and More said...

look'n great Casey!!!!

fillitsa's handmade crafts said...

nice job!!!!like it!!!!like it a lot!!!the details 's amazing!

hopeful said...

The signs are priceless in the right (or wrong?) context! My favourite is the one about the confined space. Definitely great for a craft room! - Marilyn

Steinworks said...

I like the one about the dog because I have Beagles(3 now that Bella has passed away)

I hope it scares that old crabby lady who walks her mini american eskimo dogs by our house

the Beagles don't like her dogs and I don't like her

(sometimes I take the horse poop off the street from the Amish buggy and put it on the path so she has to walk around it in the mud)

yes I know it's wrong but she was mean to Jack Jack.

don't tell her I do that :)