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Friday, August 10, 2012

An Upgrade and an Oops!!!....

OK.  I went into town this morning on errands and while I was wandering around K Mart, I found this purse on sale.  It feels just like the softest of leather and I liked the style.  Great color for winter. 

It's kind of hard to think winter when it will be 107 today.(and tomorrow and the next day....)

The only thing wrong with it were the zipper pulls.  They did not look like leather.  Spoiled the whole look.

I went ahead and bought it anyway.  I knew that I could take those off and put something else in their place.

When I was finished, I had something more to Tessie's liking.

I took some eye pins( jewelry pins with a loop at one end) and beads that I had lying around.  I picked out three things to hang on the ends, from the loops and went to work.

When I was finished, there was a star with a face sculpted on it hanging from one, a piece of natural quartz crystal wrapped in silver hanging from another and a silver feather hanging from the third.

At no extra cost, I now have a purse that I am happy with...The only trouble is, Tessie took one look at it and said, "It looks like a witch's bag.  I want one!". 

Here we go again.  I guess I will be making one like it for her sometime soon....Not for the next 24 hours though.  I have to fix an OOPS!!!
I finished the weaving on the settee last night and then started on the chair....I should have waited until this morning.

For some reason, I just whizzed merrily along and when I looked at it this morning....It didn't match at all!!! Personally I think that Tessie had something to do with it.  Maybe she zapped it when I wasn't looking.  Yeah.  That's a good story...I like that one.

Anyway, I have to rip out most of the top and do it again....There will have to be a little extra time allowed for growling and saying bad words as I go...

Please bear with me.  The tearing out takes longer than the weaving....I greatly dislike that part.

Wish me luck. 

See you tomorrow.


mcddiss said...

Tessi estara contenta con un bolso como ese para ella, veo que llevas muy bien el mimbre



Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. The wicker pieces are looking marvelous! Too bad about the oops. I hate when they happen. The zipper pull makeover is a great idea.

Rosamargarita said...

Ya casi t6erminas el tejido de mimbre, yo no veo los fallos, pero te deseo suerte
Un abrazo
GRACIAS por no tener "word verification"

Minteriors said...

Hi, Casey! Your purse "upgrade" is decidely better l@@king than the original non-descript "leather" shrimp tails. It's a definite improvement.

Sorry about your mishap. That certainly can be maddening. All of that invested time...gone. Uh!

I have to take myself aside and ask "What "lesson" am I to learn from this? Attitude? Patience?

But then, I have to remind myself that I am human, and "To ere IS human."

Still doesn't take the nettle-sting away, but at least I can continue living with myself. LOL

Sending you "cool" fuzzies. [Too HOT to send warm ones!]

Merri said...

My goodness, you are a real speed demon with the wicker furniture! The pieces all look fantastic!

Love the purse embellishment as well. Why don't I think of clever things like that? You are my inspiration!

- Virpi said...

Lovely tuned purse you have! I can`t believe you are so fast wickering, the settee looks absolutely amazing!