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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Back to Weaving...

About a month ago, my favorite tweezers went missing.  I suspect that a certain cat bounced them off of the table and into the waste basket.  I can't prove it.  No hidden cameras installed.

After a while I gave up on looking for them and found an extra tweezers in my workroom.  Yesterday, I could not stand to look at the poor naked thing anymore....  It is now dressed to kill.

I beaded the top in peyote stitch and topped it off with a couple of chips of jade.  They are much more fun to work with when they are dressed up a bit. 

Now, if I could only get them away from Tessie.  It seems that the best way to do it is to distract her...

I made her a new machine to play with.
I got on the net and looked for images of Inkle Looms. 

I had one in real life at one point.  I asked my dad to make me one and gave him plans....It never worked right.  He drilled the holes for the pegs by hand and they all pointed in different angles, just slightly, but that threw off the warp and let it slide from one side to the other....It just didn't work.

If you are looking at this photo and saying to yourself that I did the same thing, not really.  It's not glued together yet.

I sanded the edges and rounded the corners.  Then I glued the pieces together.

Here's the finished loom.  I am trying to decide now, if I am crazy enough to try to warp it or not.

I have to wait until the glue dries anyway....

If I don't really want to do it, I can fake it with ribbon.  That is what this loom is for.  It is strictly a band weaving loom.  In real life, you make belts and straps of different width and as long as the warp threads.

This one is a small one....Some are very complicated with many pegs and the warp is run back and forth between them to keep all of the threads straight.

Anyway, if you want to make one.   The dimensions are on the paper above.  Each square is a quarter inch.

I used toothpicks for the pegs and cut them 1/2" long.  I drilled the holes with a pin vice and tapered the ends for the holes with an Exacto knife.

I have to think on whether I want to actually weave anything on it....I have about 24 hours.  That's a lot of thinking.  Maybe I can talk Tessie into doing it...

See you tomorrow.


mcddiss said...

seguro que Tessy estara muy contenta con ese telar que le has hecho



Jean Day said...

Wonderful Inkle Loom. My first room box was a weaving studio because I went from being a weaver into miniatures. I added heddles and a warp on my mini loom and did weave on it but that was before my tremor, LOL... don't think I could do it now. You can see it and the spinning wheels and other looms I made here if you want. Tess needs a drop spindle too for making her own wool. (or maybe you already did that) Mini Hugs, Jean

Caseymini said...

Jean, thanks for the link! I love your loom. It looks similar to the ones that the Navajos use to make their rugs here in AZ. Really nice room box!

Jean Day said...

Casey, thank you so much for having a look. That loom would be almost the same as Navajos if it were on the floor, you are so right. I thought mini me would rather sit on a chair. The loom in your most recent blog is fabulous, I must have missed that post. Mini Hugs, Jean