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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Zar Won....In a Way....

This morning I attempted to finish the big people furniture rearranging...It is now almost one o'clock. 

Zar got his way about setting up a woodworking shop on the first floor of the weaver's cottage.  Only because Tessie didn't need the room.

He immediately started asking how he was going to keep busy....No customers to speak of. 

I broke the news of the three pieces that I have drawn plans for, for Nellie.  That will get him started.

I also dug around and found a couple of pieces that I started a couple of years back.  I might even give him a cookie if he finishes them.
Since there are no stairs, he devised his own system of getting to the second floor.  The broom handle, banging against the ceiling gets Tessie's attention.(She hates the noise, so comes running).  Then he has found one of my favorite rocks and pushed it against the outside wall by the alcove.

He "borrowed" the ladder from the Russian cottage....Read that as "stole it".

Tessie then crouches in the top opening and pulls him up,  Hey!  Whatever works!

Just in case you are curious, this is what the wall looks like so far.  Better than yesterday at least.

I am really just tossing things up in the air to see where they land so far....With a little help from my sliders...Even with those, sometimes it is more like wheel to the grindstone than sliding...It seems like furniture gets heavier as I get older.  Is that possible?

Oh!  While Zar was playing around on the ladder, I found more employment for him.  See all of those little white boxes on either side of the cottage?

So far I have found eight House of Miniatures kits for him to work on....
Let's see....Nellie's chair, bed, bench and wine cabinet....That's four.  Then there's my armoire and chest of drawers.  Six.  In the boxes, six chairs, one bench, one settee, one Chippendale daybed and two mirrors.  Seventeen....That should keep him busy for a week or two...Or more....I think that he had better start sharpening his carving tools!

I sure am glad that I found somebody else to do the woodworking.  I think I'll take a nap now.

See you tomorrow.

1 comment:

Merri said...

Wow, all those furniture kit...Zar's going to happy as a clam in mud, with all that work to do! He'll have a grin on his face for days.

As for Tessie...does she come under the heading of Landlady for him now, too?

Pretty soon you're going to have a sizable town, Casy. I never tire of tuning in to what's going on in your neighborhood :)