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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Party's Over....

I have two pieces of Edward's Turtle Pie left.  Anybody want some?

The witches invaded at one today... We ate and talked. Then we ate and talked some more.

All in all, it was a great success.

We have been together as a group for many years and usually have about eight members at any one time.

Right now, there are nine...Seven of us were together today.  We know each other well and there is never a lull in the conversation.

Four of us are doing kumihimo right now.  There are another four that do miniature needlework regularly.  Those two groups overlap.  We all do miniatures.  Two do beadwork.  One is a full time restaurant owner.  One is the founder of the Mini Time Machine Miniature museum.  We all have kids that we have to discuss every week.  Never a dull moment.

This week Anne asked me if I knew how to tat and would I teach her?  I said yes and yes.  There is always room for another tatter.  That got a discussion going on my collection of tatting shuttles.  The one in the center is my great grandmother's pride and joy.  Mother of pearl.

Ginnie got here late and needed help from the other kumihimo people to keep going.  She is now on her way to becoming a kumihimo star.
Judy and I discussed  how to turn a corner in a border pattern on a mini rug.

This is how you do it.  Assuming that you have a straight pattern for the border, find a small mirror.  Hold it on the diagonal across the border.  Look into the mirror and you can see the stitch pattern that you need to turn the corner.  By sliding the mirror back and forth, you can find the most pleasing corner pattern. 

That's it....That's the only mini that I did all day!

I promise to make a bed tomorrow.  See you then.

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Kathi said...

Your group sounds like so much fun. Wish there was one near me and that I had the time to join...

Love Turtle Pie! Looks yummy! :D