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Friday, June 22, 2012

With A Little Bit of Help From My Friends...

I needed Zar's and Tessie's help to finish the bed.  I gave them the task to get Parnell out of the way so that I could attach the curtains and the canopy.

While they were puzzling it out, I made the canopy.  I took cat cardboard(separators from the cat food cartons) and cut the top 1/4" larger than the bed on all sides.  In other words, 3 1/2" by 6 1/2".  I also cut 3/4" side pieces to match. 

I started with the top and covered it with the fabric from which I maid the curtains.  I made sure that there was enough excess to wrap to the inside of the flaps.  I always seem to make my photos read right to left, instead of left to right.  On the right, you see the shape that I cut the fabric.  In the center back of the photo, you see that I have cut out the corners of the fabric and glued in the side pieces.  On the left end, I flipped in the extra fabric and glued it in place.

I then cut a piece of cardboard that was 3 1/4 by 6 1/4 and covered it.  That is the interior of the top. 

By this time, I had  need of the bed itself.....The Terrible Two solved the problem.  I am ashamed to say that they put a bag over Nellie's head and gently moved her to the floor by the fireplace.  I didn't get to see it, but I know it happened because they told me so....Also they must have done it right.  She didn't even blink.  At least that's what they tell me. 

Tessie swears that Nellie just kept snoring to beat the band.

Anyway, after trimming the tops even,  I glued the bottom of the curtains to the sides and ends of the box bed.  Then I flipped it and put the tops in the corners of the canopy. 

I pressed them in place and then installed the ceiling liner to hold them in place.

I used the cords that I made yesterday for the tiebacks. 

I made the bed just tall enough to fit into the floor to ceiling space of the room. 

I can see that I need to adjust some of the pleats just a little.

By the time I went to get some pins to put the pleats right, Tessie and Zar had Nellie back where she belonged....I wonder what they put in her tea this time.  She has been asleep for two days now.

Maybe I had better take away their tea making privileges now.  I need to finish the dress for Nellie.  By the way, some of you thought that I was going to cover all of that beautiful embroidery.  Not to worry.  It will be showing when I am finished.

I am going to go adjust pleats now.  I have to get the Terrible Two out of there. With my luck, they will wake her up and I will be in trouble because her dress is still unfinished.

There is still a lot to do.  One thing at a time.  I will get there. 

The only problem I see now is the fact that my fingers are itching to get back and put the weaver's cottage together.  Oh well.  It all gets done eventually...

See you tomorrow.


Mindy Max said...

Fantastic! I always love looking at all your work! Just amazing!

Phyllisa said...

The bed looks great Casey!

Lucille said...

Beautiful work, Casey!

Fabiola said...

This is a wonderful bed!
Bye Faby

Kathi said...

Another amazing bed! No wonder Nellie wants to stay asleep for so long. I wouldn't want to get out of this bed either! It's beautiful!

Thanks for showing how you make drapes again. I'm about to try making some for my little stage. IF there is room for a stage in my shop? We'll see...

Hope you have a great weekend!