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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Whistle While You Work...

I have never been a very good whistler, so I have to find other things to do as I work.  

After I told you about the Internet Archives website , I found, through them, another even better website for my needs.

This one is strictly audio and has a huge number of older books to read. It is Librivox.
I am having a wonderful time working and listening.  Right now, I am listening to the first of the "John Carter" series by Edgar Rice Burroughs.  It's called "A Princess of Mars" and the first couple of chapters take place in Arizona....Right up my alley. No pun intended.  Very good so far.

I got as far as a couple of Tarzan books when I was a kid, but I didn't really know about the rest of his stuff except through a lot of cheesy movies.  I am finding that I really like his writing. 

Just about any classic that you want is on this site in audio form for free!  And they keep adding stuff all of the time. 

Did you ever wonder who the people are that read audio books to you?  Believe it or not, on here, you could even be one of the readers.  They are looking for people to volunteer to read all the time. 

OK, so now that I have set you up with something to listen to as you work, let's get back at it.

Nellie is awake...Does anybody know where I put the Sleepytime Tea?  She is driving us all insane.

She dumped Tessie's apron and stole her hand knitted shoulder scarf.  Then proceeded to berate me for not having her dress finished.  It would help if she would select some fabric for it.

Then she went in search for accessories for her home....Not even a thankyouverymuch for finishing the bed. 

She found a mini biscornu( French pincushion) that I made a couple of years ago and immediately confiscated it.  If you are interested in trying to make one, just put biscornu pattern in your search engine.  That's where I found the one that I did.  It was supposed to be about three times the size.  I simply did it on smaller cross stitch cloth.

While you are looking at the photo, please note.  The table that was made with the leftover saw horse is gone.  she simply could not abide a table that crude.  She grabbed the table that you see and immediately started going from room to room in other people's houses gathering things that she decided she needed.  She even stole Lettice's sampler!

Lettice just signed the petition to lock up the embroideress and throw away the key.  That's two people and two cats that have signed now.

Meanwhile, Zar and Tessie are looking over the damages in the Weaver's Cottage, caused by hurricane Casey.

OK.....It wasn't a hurricane.  It was just me piling stuff on the table where the cottage sits.

I am afraid that the Terrible Two are going to start a petition to get me locked up if I don't get this mess cleaned up so that I can go back to work on this cottage too....I am not so worried about the locked up part.  I am more worried that they will lock me in with the "Mad Embroideress"....

Hang in there whilst I clean up the area.  Then back to work.

See you tomorrow.


anna said...

so nice story!! the new lady is wonderful!! Thank you so much for this interesting audio-book link!! great!!!!

Neen said...

I would love to see that petition, especially the cats' signatures! Love the story!

Kathi said...

Nellie looks so pretty. Even if she IS just wearing her underclothes. Why do we think we have to hide our pretty undies anyway?

Oh,I forgot. Modesty perhaps?

Thanks for the book link. My original Playlist disappeared and the new one is not so good. Listening to a book sounds like a wonderful idea! :D

Lucille said...

Hi Casey! You seem to have created a monster! As if you didn't have enough with Tessie and Zar, now you have another one on your hands. It promises to be fun, though!

maria l. said...

Nice story

Anonymous said...

Hello, Casey!

What did you expect from somebody Tessy helped to create? Now she (Tessie) is reaping what she had sown.
But it isn't fair that YOU are suffering.

May be you can change her head? Without Tessie.