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Monday, June 11, 2012


No....Not the funny looking animal from Dr. Doolittle.  It's Tessie and Zar.

Yesterday, when they stopped stitching, they had a terrible argument about Zar having to stand behind the screen and push the needle back through.  It went on for 23 minutes and 11 seconds.

I finally got tired of hearing it, so I settled it myself.

I told them that the first one to the embroidery frame today got the front.

Sometimes, when he stops to reason things out, Zar can be pretty crafty...

He spent the night in a sleeping bag in front of the screen with three alarm clocks and a cat to wake him up.

It worked.  He was there and ready to go, when Tessie arrived...She was still a bit sleep confused and he simply pushed her behind the fabric and told her to get to work...She did.  Amazing what a little cunning can do...

We are down to five motifs left to do.  We can do that standing on our heads....Don't quote me or hold me to it!
Meanwhile, I went to Walmart this morning and discovered that they had the little round plastic boxes for a dollar each.  I never thought to look for the individual boxes when I was getting the little storage unit.

I have an idea...Keep in mind that the photo is a simulation.  A glass, flower frog and a big crochet hook will not be in the finished item.

I couldn't find any dowels, so I had to fake it.  I do think that it will work though.  I am going to mount the dowel on a base and stack the doughnuts on the dowel.  Then when I need something, I just slip off the ones above the one that I need.

I am happy to have the extras.  That means that I can change out the ones in the case for different ones, depending on the project.

Last, but not least.  April went to Ace Hardware the last time she was here.  I forgot to show you what she found.
I have found dogs there before, but not cats.  They are by the front register in fishbowls and you have to dig for the ones that you want.  Some are too big, but some are just right for mini use.

I don't know if you can get a good look at this cat, without enlarging it.  It has been decided that this one is to be Zar's....

Tessie says that it scares her....It takes a lot to scare her.  I think it's the eyes.  They could be fixed with a bit of paint, but I kind of like the fact that we have something in the house that Tessie is afraid of....Every time she tries to pet him, she gets batted at with extended claws.  Go cat! Go!

I think it is about time for Zar to have new clothes.  His old ones are getting kind of ratty looking.  I wonder if he would be willing to do the rest of the coverlet in his long johns? I doubt it, but I'm going to go ask...This should be fun.

See you tomorrow.


Caseymini said...

Lucille, I accidentally poked the delete button on the stupid iPad and lost your comment. The only way to retrieve it was to copy it and put it here. Thank goodness for e mail copies!

Lucille said: Good for Zar! He can really be so clever when he puts his mind to it. Lucky you to have gotten those pretty little boxes. That cat is so cute. It's not possible to see the wickedness in its eyes even when we enlarge. I'm holding you to that stitch deadline!

Thanks Lucille!

hopeful said...

Okay Casey - I have to admit I'm a little bit upset with you now. The blackwork is so absolutely beautiful that you're forcing me to search the net for more patterns to try some myself. Just what I need - uncompleted project # 2,123. Thanks bunches! *sigh* - Marilyn

-P- said...

Great idea with the plastic boxes! I could copy you if I find boxes like that from here.. Extra space is always needed. Go Zar! Do you really think he deserves to work in his long johns, after winning Tessie? That's a bit mean... =D

Caseymini said...

LOL, Marilyn. Only 2,123? I think that I have twice as many. I have probably been at it twice as long....