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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Doctor Frankenstein, I Presume?

Yes, it is I.  I started out slowly.... I was on the back patio, refinishing the porch swing when I decided to re pot a few plants...

One thing just led to another. I was potting one of the euforbias from one semi large pot into three semi large pots when I got another one of those hare brained ideas. 

This particular plant sends out little baby plants from the roots.  This insures that all of them will survive. 

The pot was so crowded that I had to experiment. 

The big pot contains a third of the plant that was in the same pot originally. 

I remembered the plant that I had in the Southwestern room box about 20 years ago.  It was a miniature prickly pear.  It grew in there for a few years and then it got unhappy with being in the dark some of the time and committed plant-i-side...

Anyway, one of the Wednesday Witches gave us each a couple of little succulents that are in tiny pots, but they are growing fast.

I reasoned that, if those would grow, so would the euphorbia.  The difference is, these grow rather slowly. 

I put one in a Mexican jug.  Then I found a basket and put a couple more in there. 

See the tiny leaves beside those?  They are "Mother of Millions".  I have those springing up all over the back yard.  Those plants literally are mothers of millions.  They won't stay small as long as the euphorbia, but they are replaceable.  That's the experiment of the moment.

When I tired of that game and came back in to get something else done, I found Lettice in the room that used to hold the loom.

She had cleared everything out, with the exception of the small rug and  a sampler on the wall.

I was afraid to ask what was going on....I already knew.  I have been hearing rumors.

It seems that Lettice is not willing to become a working embroideress.  She is too good for that.

She announced, "The accommodations are rather small, but with a bit of fixing up, it will be adequate.

After reading the sampler, I understand.  She seems to have accepted the fact that Her Majesty will not forgive Lettice for stealing one of her men.

Lettice has given in and decided to not mind being kicked out of court life.

Soooo.....We have another job to do.

Fix the room to Lettice's liking.

Here we go again...

Meanwhile, back at the Crooked Cottage,  The coverlet is not quite finished....Sorry Lucille.  I will finish it today....Or...

Here comes the Doctor Frankenstein part....

See the bald head, sticking out from under the box decoration?  And the three chenille stems....?

Why didn't I think of this before?  Since Lettice refuses to embroider professionally and the Terrible Twosome are rebelling, (insert a picture of me rubbing my hands together and laughing maniacally)I will build myself an embroiderer!  Then she can finish the coverlet!

Would you care to assist?....I promise not to call you Igor...Not too often anyway....

See you tomorrow, with sculpting tools in hand.


Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. I am enjoying your interesting story of the embroiderer's cottage and Lettice Knollys. The REAL Lettice Knollys not only stole one of Queen Elizabeth I's men, but her favorite man, Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, who Lettice married and had a son, Robert, who became the queen's new favorite. And yes, being in trade was beneath her station. She held two titles of Countess.She had a colorful life.

Kathi said...

How exciting! A new member of the "family!" Can't wait to see who it is! :D

Lucille said...

I vaguely remember reading a novel by Jean Plaidy on Lettice Knolly. Although a novelist, she researched everything thoroughly. This woman was very interesting as Phyllisa says. Please, Casey, do wig the new character. Will it be a man or a woman? That remains to be seen. Shame on you, Casey, for not finishing that piece of embroidery. But, I forgive you, okay?!!

Virginia Isabel CoMa said...

Los cactus son preciosos.